KFC’s One-Click Button for Easy Food Ordering | Here’s How to Do That

Fried Chicken giant, KFC has introduced one- click button method for easy food ordering. Yes, that’s right. Well, the international fast food chain KFC has now come up with a quick option of placing food orders for all its lazy fans. This one click button KFC ordering is hassle free and will help all the fried chicken enthusiasts to binge on their favourite hot and crispy chicken pieces at their home.

KFC introduces one-click food ordering button 

Kentucky Fried Chicken or famously known as KFC’s newly launched one click button is a tiny smart device that looks like a micro SD card reader. By clicking this small dash button one can order any of KFC’s best selling products including Chicken Hot and Crispy, Chicken Hot Wings, Chicken Rice Bowl, Chick’N Fried Roll or Chicken Smokey Grill. The top notch F&B player, KFC has initiated this food ordering method to recover from the loss, the brand has suffered in the recent past. The one click KFC button is launched in India and will be applicable on all the KFC outlets across the country. But this lucrative offer comes with a disclaimer. This small one click microSD like device will only be given to lucky 2,000 KFC fans who will compete for it online. The register yourself for the contest of KFC one click button device, all the fans will have to log on the official website online.kfc.co.in and fill in their details.

This is how KFC one click button for food ordering works

The KFC one click food ordering button comes with just one time pain of setting the details of the customer, which includes their address, phone number and their favourite food order by name. The customer will now have to connect their one click button KFC device with the Wi-Fi. As the LED light turns green on the device, you will get to know that it is paired.

To pair your KFC’s One-Click Button device with your smartphone you have to visit online.kfc.co.in/button. Now enter your mobile number and the button ID followed by confirming your address and setting your favourite KFC order. Now by pushing the button once your order will be placed. You will get a confirmation SMS on your registered mobile phone. Once you confirm your order you can check your order status and make cash on delivery only.

Well, this is the most quirky method of placing food order that KFC has introduced. We wish all the lazy KFC fans can now order their food by simply hitting the one click button on their tiny KFC device.

Source: hindustantimes.com


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