What you need to know about the Teen Patti game?

The exciting game Teen Patti Live 3 is available for many players because of its addictive atmosphere. Let’s have a look at the mechanics and rules of playing Teen Patti.

The mechanics of the game are based on the following:

  • Number of players: Teen Patti is usually played by 3 to 6 players.
  • The game uses a regular deck of fifty-two cards with no jokers.
  • Everyone is given 3 cards that no one can see.
  • The game also has a pot that the players will place their bets into.
  • Everyone then sequentially places their bets. You can bet similar to or higher than your opponent’s bet, or you can pass.
  • When the first round of betting is over, players have the next option: exchange. It is an option in which a player can exchange his cards.
  • Then the second round, which is the final round of the game, has already started.
  • This round is decisive, so it is even more intense than the first round. After this round, the players show their cards to each other, and the winner is determined.

The rules of the game are also simple. Teen Patti is played from the weakest card (deuce) to the strongest (ace). Players do their best to end up with the strongest combination of cards.

All types of combinations:

  • 3 cards with no special connections
  • 2 cards of the same denomination and 1 card of a different denomination.
  • 3 cards of the same suit, following each other in order.
  • 3 cards with different suits but following each other in order.
  • 3 cards of the same suit but not following each other in order.
  • 3 cards of the same suit in succession
  • King, Queen, and Ace of the same suit.

Results and winnings are based on the same principle. The one who has the strongest combination at the end wins. He gets the pot consisting of all the bets made.

Teen Patti game allows you to enjoy a unique atmosphere and bring a lot of positive emotions. Thus, this card game can be called exciting and combines elements of luck and strategy.

How to start playing for money and win

Users can play live dealer games for free. Indian casino operators offer to observe the gaming session in guest mode. It is not a bad thing. A beginner will be able to understand the rules of the game and how the gameplay itself goes.

Visitors to the casino start playing for money after registration. Casino operators offer to create a profile through social media or mail and phone. Licensed online casinos in India request verification. The user needs to confirm his identity through documents to withdraw the first winnings without problems. A large prize amount falls out already in the first attempt often.

Beginners open bets from the minimum values. It is quite a reasonable step. The main thing is that the player’s balance contains a large sum of money. If the user makes a large deposit, he creates a reserve bankroll. The player can afford to lose, but at the same time not drain the entire active sum of money. The casino customer needs to wait and act cautiously in Indian poker.

The player will take advantage through bonuses. The prize system can include dozens of different promotions. A newcomer takes away a gift for the first deposit and similar bonuses for the next deposits. The gambler has the right to use earned credits in both slots and alternative games. In Indian poker, it will help to lose quietly, but not to spend money from your wallet.

The player does not have to go by his authoring strategy. It is possible to warn behind the way more experienced users play. There are universal tactics that are not designed for big wins, but allow you to win regularly. It is exactly what will help the user to get to the first payout and be with a financial plus.


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