Lavleen Kaur, a renowned Chandigarh Dietitian is Transforming Lives Across the Globe With her Unique Approach Towards Nutrition & Lifestyle

Nowadays, everyone has become more careful and conscious of their wellbeing. You can find hundreds of tips and tricks through a single click on the internet.  But, with convenient access to health-related information on the Internet, it has become easy to get misled. 

Following these ‘healthy diet’ hacks and tips available on the internet has given rise to lots of misleading health statistics and myths. 

“The quick fixes and weight-loss challenges generally offered in this competitive industry are not to be taken seriously. There are no shortcuts to good health”, says Lavleen Kaur, city’s most trusted dietitian.

In a prospering industry where healthy foods are on high demand; Dietitian Lavleen Kaur proposes unique but simple dietary modifications. She attracts attention with the ideology that food and lifestyle changes must result in an overall sense of happiness. 

So let’s take a look at the remarkable life of Dietitian Lavleen Kaur from Chandigarh who is revolutionizing how people think about diet and dieting. 

Lavleen Kaur is an award-winning dietitian, medical nutritionist, and health consultant who is influencing the lives of countless people in India and abroad. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, she designs personalized diet & lifestyle modification programs for her clients and patients which is delivered through a mobile app.

In 2014, she founded Diet Insight, a clinic in Chandigarh with the aim of consulting people and making them understand the influence of food and how a right dietary behaviour can help cure prevalent lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, thyroid and PCOD. 

She has a master’s degree in Food and Nutrition and has obtained her postgraduate degree in Health and Family Welfare from the Panjab University. She has had over 10,000 happy clients from all parts of the globe in just seven years of launching Diet Insight. 

She knows how to take care of her professional and personal life. Her smartphone app and online appointment process allows her plenty of time to spend with her family and child. She is a mum at home and a dietitian as well as an entrepreneur at the clinic.

As a lifestyle coach and dietitian, she frequently works with individuals who seek help in improving their general wellbeing or curing a specific disease or disorder naturally. Her guidance is solely focused on building a connection with food. She specializes in creating a balanced lifestyle rather than encouraging rapid results.

In today’s century, there are many who encourage fast and promising weight loss strategies and take advantage of people’s emotions. If a person can lose weight as a result of these fad diets, not only are these strategies risky in the long term, but they rob you of the food in your kitchen that your ancestors have been consuming for decades. This is where this Chandigarh’s dietitian differs in her methodology. She strongly believes and advises clients to aim for a sustainable dietary and lifestyle change. “Diet shouldn’t be boring and restrictive; it’s a journey which is much more than just counting calories”.

Her unique methodology focuses on including dietary changes that already exist in our kitchen.  She believes that Indian food is best suited for our bodies. This can be seen through her “desi touch” in all her dietary suggestions. She says, “Indian kitchen is a pharmacy on its own. Indians should believe in and follow traditional foods we normally eat. You don’t have to change your eating habits.” 

Lavleen also shares lively and engaging videos on Facebook and YouTube to teach the masses about various dietary and nutritional tips in a fun way. 

The effect of her videos on social media is unbelievable. Her videos are so impactful that it feels as if she is sitting right in front of us and having a conversation. People feel so close and connected to her that they’re only calling in to hear her voice and give her blessings for the work she’s doing. When asked what her greatest accomplishment was, Lavleen’s modest response was, “I get my reward every day when I feel the pleasure of my female clients, who conceive naturally, and when I see my patients drop medicines and when I see my clients spreading the learning’s further in their community.” 

Her constant attempt of connecting with her clients on a personal level allows them to feel like a part of her family. Dietitian Lavleen treats her patients with special care while maintaining a professional outlook. She has a small team of highly trained dietitians and nutritionists who are available to support patients throughout their path and to keep them actively inspired, motivated and goal-oriented. 

According to her, in order to lead a healthy life, there are four aspects that need to be balanced: stress, sleep, water intake and exercise. 

She has garnered a reputation and won many accolades for her impeccable work in the area of diet and nutrition. One such recent recognition is the Most Promising Young Dietitian by the International Healthcare Awards, Malaysia, in 2016. She was honoured by the Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor Khan herself. 

The award-winning dietitian is known as one of the most trusted dietitians in North India. We believe that this faith comes from a relationship that she is able to build with people and to feel their fears while genuinely helping them transform into a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.


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