Lip Sing Battle – Farah Khan & Ali Asgar New TV Show – All You Want To Know

Star Plus recently launched its new reality show, ‘Lip Sing Battle’ hosted by choreographer- turned- director, Farah Khan. The show ‘Lip Sing Battle’ on Star Plus is based on the lines of the American television series, ‘Lip Sync Battle’ where celebrities compete against each other by lip syncing on popular songs along with props and costumes.

Lip Sing Battle started on Star Plus & Farah Khan is its host

Till date, two episodes of the Lip Sing Battle has passed and the audiences are already getting bored with the show. According to the Indian media, the show Lip Sing Battle was flagged off with great fervor and excitement but was a letdown. Some English dailies have even called the Lip Sing Battle show of Star Plus a pure torture and a sad imitation of its American counterpart Lip Sync Battle. Farah Khan who is known for her humorous side but her act on the Lip Sing Battle is turning out to be a slapstick for the viewers.

Celebrity guests couldn’t make Lip Sing Battle interesting

To retain the comic element to the show, Lip Sing Battle also features Ali Asgar aka Nani of The Kapil Sharma Show. Farah Khan is a host of the Lip Sing Battle where she conducts the competition between the two invited celebrity guests in three rounds. The competition is based on lip syncing on some popular Bollywood songs and the one who does the best will win the title LSB (Lip Sing Battle) belt just like a WWE one along with a gift hamper. The first episode of the Lip Sing Battle had actors Farhan Akhtar and Arjun Kapoor as participants, while the second episode had actress, Parineeti Chopra and director, Karan Johar. The celebrities had great fun on the show, showing their but their mere presence and acts also could do no good to attract audiences to the show.

The Star Plus show Lip Sing Battle now promises to deliver for laughter and fun in its upcoming episodes as shown in the promos but the question here arises that whether such a gimmick will help in gathering the viewership of the show. The American television series Lip Sync Battle is a great hit among the viewers there but will Farah Khan and Ali Asgar together be able to pull off the show Lip Sing Battle for a longer run on Star Plus? Well, we shall wait for the answer then.



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