Lokendra Ranawat, the Man Who Farmed Lands Now Influences The Fashion World

India has been an agrarian society for a long time and farmers have always been the backbone of our country. But we are not dependent on farming anymore and the country’s youth is taking on new roles and positions to take advantage and bring themselves at the centre of the globalized world. This is the story of a guy who did both. Hailing from an agriculture background, Ranawat (as he likes to be called) went out in the world and pursued his passion for becoming a social media influencer.
With over a hundred thousand followers on Instagram, Ranawat is famous for his magnificent beard and his humility. He inspires a generation that believes in keeping a clean shave. He is set on making men look like men again by appreciating beards and maintaining them in the best way possible.
Ranawat is one of the top Men’s Fashion and Beard Influencer in India. He has a lot of devout followers who read his blogs and take his advice to heart. His blog is his way of expressing his style, fashion opinions and of course- how to maintain a healthy and sexy beard. This man gives the best grooming ideas to men who need that little extra confidence to rock their everyday look.
The perfect combination of urban clothing and classic silhouettes to wear at weddings is his idea of a unique style. he is the only influencer who creates Indian traditional looks for grooms and groomsmen who want to look their amazing self on their big day. It is not difficult to look great at weddings when you have Ranawat giving you fashion and grooming tips.
It didn’t take him long to capture the hearts and minds of the youth with his fashion advice and beard grooming tips.  His blogs and Instagram posts are famous because he does all the amazing things and is still humble.
Talking about his journey he says, “I just wanted to do my part in changing the world. Luckily it turned out to be the fashion world and I am glad and honoured that my advice is helping men get great beard and look remarkable everyday. Everyone needs a little help and healthy advice from time to time. I wanted to be that help, which helps men go that extra mile to conquer difficult feats with confidence and style.”
He does a lot of meet & greets, to give fashion and lifestyle tips, styling and grooming sessions to help men get over issues that are never talked about when it comes to the male body, like confidence, body shaming, aging and fitness etc.
Grooming isn’t just associated with women. Men can and should take care of their themselves too. If you dress up well, you will feel great and will succeed in all your endeavours easily. Ranawat lives by this .


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