Ludhiana Man Rescues Three Women On Jammu Mail Train

Ludhiana | There are cases where men are involved in rape cases and robberies and on the other side, there are men who set an example for the people of India. Mr. Jagpreet Singh Grewal has set an example for all of us by rescuing three women while on Jammu Mail train. 

Curbed Robbery Attempt And Rescued Three Women

A man from Ludhiana who was on the Jammu Mail train rescued three women and also curbed a robbery attempt. The incident happened at Kurukshetra in Haryana on the intervening night of Sunday and Monday.

Jagpreet Singh Grewal was on the Jammu Mail train and was heading to New Delhi from Ludhiana. The train stopped at around 3 AM and Jagpreet heard some women screaming on the train. He got up and boldly fought against the three robbers who got on the train illegally and snatched purses of at least three women in bogie number A3 of the train.

How Jagpreet Fought Against The Robbers

Jagpreet Singh Grewal said that he rushed to the bogie number A3 and saw that three robbers were assaulting the women passengers, The robbers had also snatched their purses.

When the robbers saw Jagpreet they ran away from the bogie and hid beneath the train. The robbers were successful in escaping with one purse.

No Security Arrangements On The Train

Security is a must while travelling on the train or on any public transport. A lot of people prefer travelling at night on the train and the administration should make proper security arrangements so that families including men, women, and children can have a smooth as well as a tension free journey.

Jagpreet said that he told the train ticket examiner (TTE) about the incident but the TTE was helpless. The TTE said that no security arrangements of the GRP had been made since past two months on the Jammu Mail train which was heading towards New Delhi. The TTE did not respond to the phone calls too.

Jagpreet Grewal has lodged a written complaint on the paper to the Train ticket examiner (TTE).\

It was undoubtedly a very bold and heroic act by Jagpreet Singh Grewal. India needs people like Jagpreet who are always ready to step up and help others whenever needed!


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