5 Must Know Facts about Mahindra Thar Daybreak Edition

Mahindra Thar is India’s most preferred SUV for strict off-road adventures. The CRDe diesel model of Thar SUV is available for INR 8,85,705 (ex-showroom) in Chandigarh. Not being limited to its abilities, the Thar is even one of those highly considered vehicles for modification, which can undergo serious changes without altering its chassis and the main frame. Daybreak Edition is a custom Thar from Mahindra itself, carrying most all of the changes that were seen on the car displayed at Auto Expo 2016. Here are the 5 must know facts about the Thar Daybreak Edition.

# Expensive!

While Mahindra Thar was considered light on pocket as international off-road products are very expensive, this Special Edition is bit of a different story. It takes INR 9.6 lakh for the customization, while adding a solid roof can again take the cost up by 1.5 lakh. Surprisingly, the top spec comes at INR 8.85 lakh and adding up the prices, the Thar Daybreak Edition with roof would cost around INR 20 lakh (on-road).

# Maxxis Tyres

The specialty on the Daybreak Edition is the use of 37 inch Maxxis Trepador tyres, increasing the overall height and ground clearance of the Thar. Maxabout says, this makes it easy for the Thar to roll over rocks and reduces the chances for underbody damage. The spare wheel on the rear is even a full size unit, adding more practicality and reducing chances of getting stuck on difficult terrain.

# Design & Equipment

The Daybreak Thar comes in Matte Grey exterior, Stinger Bumpers, differently designed doors, LED headlamps and tail-lamps, air scoop and a snorkel. These make the Thar even more practical when used in extreme conditions. The Borgwarner high and low reduction gear along with the power steering makes off-road adventures much easier than ever. Thar as standard offers front and rear disc brakes on the CRDe variant.

# Custom Interior

The interior on this typical Thar is custom finished in Black and Red. Even the minor components have been highlighted with Red paint for a more thrilling experience. A touchscreen unit has also been provided, helping passengers find easy routes for those new roads. Not to forget, the facing each other 4-seat layout has also been replaced with plush rear seat for 3 passengers.


# 2 Months to Finish

Thar Daybreak Edition takes 2 months to complete after the submission of the donor Thar. It would feel like a dream come true for those with bigger budgets while for many others, it will be out of reach. Finished by Mahindra Customization Division, Daybreak Edition is the best ever modified Thar seen in India.


Ajay Deep

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