Maruti Suzuki Share Price | 12th October 2017

There is a definite good news today for all the Maruti Suzuki Shareholders. Today, on 12th October 2017 the stock price for Maruti Suzuki shares went up gradually. The day began with the price of Rs. 7,848.95 and till now, the price has risen to Rs.7,876.

Maruti Suzuki Stock Price at 9:01 AM

The share price of the Maruti Suzuki India took a start with Rs. 7848.95 that was 6.85 points more than the opening price yesterday. The Share price for the Maruti Suzuki India ended yesterday at Rs. 7825.15. By the end of the day, 644,140 stocks were traded making the average count of the trade for 5 days to 300,060. Also, the trade for 10 days of Maruti Suzuki Stocks is averaged to the volume of 427,634 and for 30 days it is recorded as 394,977 stocks.

Update at 10:00 AMĀ 

Yesterday the stock price for Maruti Suzuki at the end of the day was recorded at Rs. 7825.15. Today the market open with the price of Rs. 7845.00 in the morning. Yesterday’s record states that the price of the share so far has touched the high of Rs. 7898.85 and low of Rs. 7801.00. One stock of the Maruti Suzuki India was selling at Rs. 7862 while the change of the 36.85 points from previous trade was observed when checked on 12th October at 10:01 AM.

At 10:00 AM on 12th October 2017 the volume-weighted average price [VWAP] of the Maruti Suzuki Share was noted to be Rs. 7859.67 while the bid-ask spread was recorded to be 0.3 points.

As assumed the market for Maruti Suzuki Share price band for today is an estimate to be between Rs. 7,042 – Rs. 8,607.65.

Latest Update of Stock Price for Maruti Suzuki Share PriceĀ 

Till now the price of the Maruti Suzuki Share price has increased to 20.55 points at the beginning of the market. The price at the start of the day was at Rs. 7865.55 and now, at this very instant the price for the share has changed by 40.4 (0.52%) points from the previous trade.

As per the records around 223,601 stocks have been traded till now. The bid price for the share was Rs. 7865.55 while the offer price has been observed to be Rs. 7865.70. The bid-ask spread is over 0.15 points.

In comparison with the previous volume of trade stocks, the volume of traded stock has dropped by 28 stocks and the weighted average price is seen to increase up to 0.85 points.



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