Make the Best Playthings for Your Kids with Safer Wooden Toys  

Parents always want the best for their kids, but what if you, as a parent, are not sure of the best playthings? You will find yourself in a provided gallery, full of options and confused about choosing the most appropriate toy. There are wooden toys that are long-lasting, unbreakable, harmless, and attractive.   

It is easy to hang up with glossy plastic, twinkling lights, whistles, and bells when looking for new toys for toddlers and kids. In addition to that, kids demand the newest trends, and no surprise, we wind up with a living area full of damaged plastic toys. The most alarming part: plastic toys generally come with toxic chemicals such as phthalates, PVC, lead, and bisphenols, which are not safe for kids. So, it will help if you choose to keep your child’s safety in mind.    

Why Should You Choose Wooden Toys?   

Wooden toys are never out of style. There is hardly any significant marketing buildup all over the newest wooden play items, but they have been played for many generations and are still going well. Unlike plastic digital manias that get covered up in the newest tech every year, wooden toys are as effective as endless.   

There are several reasons these toys are better than others—not just for your child but for the surroundings too. They are more stable, environment-friendly, and created with durable wood. Wooden toys do not include phthalates, PVC, or other chemicals employed in plastic toys. Stay aware of low-quality wood because some toys are made from plywood that contains harmful glues and leach formaldehyde. The absence of quality on these low-grade materials signifies there is a high possibility that paints contaminated with lead were used too.   

High Quality & Reasonable Price   

Sturdy wooden toys let you stay eco-friendly even when you are tight on a budget. There are many quality play toys and educational wooden toys present in the market that will be easy on your wallet and are more structured than you may consider.   

Develops Playful Thought   

When kids play with toys, they don’t keep themselves busy; but they learn too. Study shows that amorphous playtime—open-ended, uncomplicated wooden toys are both practical and preferred over classroom time. Kid’s imaginations grow as they play with things that do not have an apparent and specific use. Suppose a toddler is playing with wooden blocks: so they can be piled to make a house, zoo, building, or anything else he or she can think of.   

Showy Toys Can Restrict the Brain   

Generally, these are the popular toys or the ones that appear most attractive to adults and kids but are not suitable to add to the toy box. These toys are gaudy, plastic items loaded with an electronic component that gives little in the form of creative play and may also hinder the growth regardless of a manufacturer’s assertions. Finally, basic is relatively better.    

Whether you are not purchasing vivid gadgets for your baby, there are still many reasons to ignore plastic. Growth issues aside, different plastic toys can be dangerous– and not only to the environment but also to your children.   

Different studies have shown that bisphenol A (BPA) used in plastics causes hormone disorders. This is only one of the several chemicals present in plastic toys. PVC is another bad chemical to ignore when buying toys and can have known carcinogens such as phthalates.   

What Benefits do Wooden Toys Offer to Kids?   

Wooden toys can look traditional and overly simplified in comparison to the newest generation of battery-operated toys, but current play-based educational programs like the Reggio Emilia and the Montessori Method highlight the significance of easy and non-chemical materials to improve understanding and discovery.   

Here are the benefits of wooden toys:   

  • Protected: They do not break like plastic toys; thus, they are less probable to affect your child with tiny parts and irregular edges. They also do not contain unsafe chemicals and dyes.   
  • Long-lasting: Wooden learning toys and play toys barely break. They will not only be appreciated by your kids, but they can also be given to friends or future generations.   
  • Ageless: These toys’ simple designs and artifact quality signify that even your great-grandchildren would have fun playing with them.   
  • Viable: Wood is biodegradable, natural, and recyclable, while plastic ends up in landfills.   
  • Support creativity and encourage the imagination: Even if they are fundamental blocks or in the shape of regular items, wooden toys support children to make and involve in creative play. These activities generally emulate real-life conditions and prepare them for the future.   
  • Flourish reasoning & problem-solving skills: Wooden educational toys in India, such as puzzles and blocks, involve children and encourage them to use their logical abilities to create new structures and attempt to fix pieces in sync. In contrast, plastic toys with lights, music, and audio commands come out as a more inactive play.   
  • Grow fine motor skills & hand-eye allocation: Joining blocks, fixing wooden bricks together, and adjusting wooden beads promote the growth of auditory pathways between the brain and hands.   
  • Attractive to the eye: Some educational wooden toys are so beautiful that they can be used to decorate your home.   


Wooden toys may be simple, but they have an artistic appeal. They are clean, soft, and simply beautiful toys that last longer and let children assume more innovatively all through playtime.    

As per the Montessori philosophies, clearer lines, and plain-looking with beautiful colours, develop peaceful learning surroundings, and wooden toys fit flawlessly in these conditions. They are not difficult to clean and are very adorable that parents can’t stop themselves from buying them for their kids! If you search for the best wooden toys online, Smartivity’s extensive range of toys can help you find creative and educational toys for little ones. 


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