Mallika Dua Encounters A Horrific Incident With An Uber Driver | Here’s What Happened

Mallika Dua, ace comedian turned actor who judges the great Indian laughter challenge faced a horrific incident last morning when a driver of the Uber she was taking started verbally accusing her. Mallika Dua shared the incident on her Facebook wall which enlightens us of the issue.

About Mallika Dua’s incident with Uber:

Mallika Dua wrote in a Facebook status update that she was harassed by an Uber driver and was threatened to be thrown outside the car. The matter escalated surprisingly on something as small as a request to turn up the ac temperature. The driver then started shouting in broad daylight. The cab driver apparently ended the trip and ordered Mallika Dua to get out of his car. Mallika Dua claims she was stunned at the action and was equally terrified. She had no idea on what escalated the heat up.

Before she had a moment to reconsider what just happened, the driver started cursing her. The driver told Mallika Dua that the company had wrongly advertised the cab service to let the customers feel like their own car but he did not believe in that. He tried to drive off with Mallika Dua in the backseat when she was alarmed and started shouting for help. The driver then dropped her off in the middle of the trip and started cursing her in the middle of the road. Mallika Dua then tried to reach the customer care only to find out that Uber has no customer point service.

In another post later she wrote that she has received two calls from the cab company Uber that assured a stern action against the driver but no evidence to support their statement was provided. Adding to that the company recorded the calls and told Mallika Dua that if a legal case was to be filed the call in question would be proof of evidence the action was taken against the driver.

Uber problems in the past:

Uber has been in news earlier too before the Mallika Dua incident. Uber has often been accused for not doing a background check on its drivers. In India there have been repeated incidents where the customers especially women like Mallika Dua have been subjected to harassment from the drivers. One of the incidents recently had a women passenger being stalked by the driver where the driver repeatedly used an alternate mobile number to get in contact with the woman.

Security of the women is already an escalated issue and the cab company Uber doesn’t seem to help. Mallika Dua incident sheds some light to how companies are ignoring the importance of women safety.

The company competes with Ola and a few other rivals and in order to increase the number of vehicles it fails to do a thorough background check on the drivers. Uber services have already been halted in London.

Source: Hindustan Times


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