Mark Coleman Praises UFC President Dana White and Supports Celebrity Boxing In His Latest Interview

Mixed martial arts is a game that never stops evolving. Innovative techniques and variations are constantly injected into the game from time to time. A lot of different countries are embracing the game. This is the reason why the rule can never be stable. The UFC Hall of Famer, Mark Coleman, holds the complete knowledge of this evolving game better than anyone could have in the field.

Mark Coleman said in his recent interview that he’s given judgments on many things, and the pay getting by the wrestlers is one of them. He also talked about the president of UFC, Dana White, who has recently become famous and is seizing loads of recognition from the public.

Coleman is code-named the father of “Ground and Pound”, who has encouraged wrestling to popularize in MMA. To Guy Giles from Betway, Coleman told that during his entire journey, he observed a huge shift, that people have understood the importance of wrestling and the way of wrestling.

Coleman is among the champions of wrestling over the years. He won the silver in the world championship and qualified for the Olympics in 1992. 

Being a fan of the game, the wrestler is also conscious of this game’s downside and acknowledges that Ground and Pound were not liked by the masses. He said that every area of the game is essential, and if one can wrestle, then the fight will be on the field itself. Fighters still find victory in the ground of wrestling, but much of it is now on the feet.

Apart from this, Coleman also talked regarding the salary. The fighters are taking enough salary now that they can perform it as a full-time occupation and simply take training with the guidance of coaches. He said that he does not have a coach and he will train himself. The enhanced professionalism of fighters has elevated the questions regarding their pay, which has been the reason for increasing criticism directed at President Dana White. Coleman said that he considered the boy a lot and would not criticize him for anything as he helped the game rise to heights. Coleman said he respected the guy a lot and wouldn’t blame him for anything because he helped the sport reach heights.

He said that the wrestlers are being paid very well compared to what they were paid in their days. He said the big thing was celebrity boxing, and that was best for boxing. Unlike several people, he does not examine it and is profoundly supportive of it. He believes this is a good opportunity. He said that Jake and Logan Paul have come to a long approach along with every follower they have gathered with hard work over the years and are pleased that they are seeking to be the greatest wrestlers they can be.

According to Coleman, a man is valued by the abundance of followers he has, and he believes that Jake and Logan are valued every penny, and people are watching as well. He said that he wouldn’t be shocked if he noticed the two of them turn to MMA due to their wrestler experiences. It’s surprising that despite retiring 11 years before, Coleman’s desire for MMA never seems to end, and his knowledge concerning the game is as impressive as ever.


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