Marriage Palaces in Punjab Now Allowed to Serve Liquor

Punjab was highly affected by the banning of liquor vends within 500 meters of the state and national highways as many had to face losses while the business of many wedding palaces was badly struck due to their locations near NHs.

Well, here comes respite to all the Punjab marriage palaces that are located on the state highways. The Punjab State Government has exempted these wedding venues from the ban of Supreme court that restricted liquor serving during weddings and other ceremonial functions.

Punjab marriage palace to serve liquor

After the Supreme Court of India had issued a notification to stop serving liquor within the proximity of 500 meters from the state of national highways across India, the thumbs up from the Punjab Government has given a sigh of relief to the owners of these banquet halls and gardens.

Who will give the permit to serve liquor in Punjab’s marriage palaces

The Punjab Excise and Taxation Department has given a nod to the wedding palaces and banquet halls saying it is nowhere clear in the judgment passed by the Supreme Court that wedding points and banquets halls will be included in the list of liquor vends near state of national highways.

In this context, a legal assistance was taken by the Advocate General, Atul Nanda who had submitted his report to the Punjab Excise and Taxation Department. The department will soon lift the ban by issuing a notification soon.

More about the liquor ban in Punjab

  • The Supreme Court’s ban on liquor vends within the ambit 500 meters of the national and state highways came into the effect from April 1, 2017.
  • The ban itself led to shutting down of more than 484 liquor vends in Punjab alone.
  • Pubs, discs, hotels and restaurants were the worst hit by the ban across the state.
  • Over 1000 banquet halls and marriage palaces are situated near state highways across Punjab whose business got affected due to the ban.

Though it may be a good news for many wedding point and banquet hall owners but we believe that the liquor consumers, drink alcohol responsibly so that they do not harm others or themselves.

Image Source = Hindustan Times

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