Master Top 7 Tricks to Win Rummy Tournaments

Winning any game is exhilarating. To experience that feeling, you should opt for rummy tournaments. They are tremendous fun as they add the quotient of prize money along with the fun that tags along. However, you also need to develop pro-level skills to beat your opponents at the tournament tables. 

You should remember that the stakes are high in tournaments, and you may have to go head to head with experienced rummy players. These tournaments are even held online on a massive level, with players playing from all around the country brimming with buzz and thrill.

So, to excel in these tournaments, keep these cool tricks handy:

  • Get Your Rummy Basics Right

First things first, start with your rummy basics. Make sure you know the common rules. Many people have a misconception that only three cards can form a sequence. Like, 7-8-9 and four cards make a set like 6-6-6-6. Don’t be that player! 

As per the rules, the sequence can be formed using three or more cards, either a pure one or with a joker, like 2-3-4 (4 being the joker card). Similarly, a set can be formed with a minimum of three cards. These simple things can make a difference between winning and losing in rummy tournaments.

  • Arrange Your Cards Intelligently 

An essential trick to win is organizing your cards. Put them together into their suites- clubs, spades, hearts, or diamonds. Then arrange them as per their color- separate the red and black ones. Note that not arranging them properly can cost you the game or tournament. Finally, head on to make sets or sequences. Keep in mind that starting with a pure sequence will be beneficial further in the game.

  • Recheck Your Melds

An experienced rummy player knows when to make a declare of the hand. Before you opt for declaration, it is smart to check your sets and sequences. An invalid declaration can turn the game into a huge loss with maximum points. So, make sure that you never declare in a hurry or get too excited to recheck your combinations.

  • Avoid Using Discarded Cards For First Sequence

Make sure that you do not use the cards discarded by your opponent for your first sequence. Otherwise, the other players will know immediately which meld you are trying to make. It will give away your intentions and increase your chances of losing the game and maybe the tournament. So, be careful when you make your first sequence! 

  1. Create Sequences with Mid-Level Cards

The best way to secure a win when you play rummy tournaments is by creating sequences with mid-level cards. For instance, card 5 can make sequences with 4, 6, 7, or 3, 4, 5, or 5, 6, 7. 

If you try to make a sequence with higher cards like an ace as a strategy, then it will be a high-card sequence. Such a sequence can cost you if your opponent declares a hand before you do!

  • Observe But Don’t Let Others Read Your Mind

One of the oldest tricks in rummy is to keep track of your opponents. Especially in tournaments, you can maximize your chances of winning if you remember your opponents’ cards. 

For instance, if you see a player picking up a spade of 7 or 8 or some other suite, then getting rid of a 6 won’t be a wise move. Similarly, keep your moves hidden while you are picking cards. If the cards that the other players have discarded are extremely necessary for your strategy, pick only from the hidden deck.

  • Joker is The Real Master

Always remember that in any rummy game, be it a cash game or a tournament, the joker takes you one step closer to a win. It depends on how well you use it and in the best way possible. You can try to use the joker to make the next sequence if you already have a pure sequence. In the event where you have multiple joker cards, use them to create more impure sequences. Another trick is to remember to substitute it with a higher point value card whenever the need be.

Master the Art of Rummy Game to Win Tournaments

Use these tricks to your benefit when playing rummy tournaments and win big. If you want to practice your skills before entering the game leagues, visit Adda52Rummy website. With its free matches, this popular website gives you a head start to win the game and exciting cash prizes!

Now hurry up and get your winning streak to the forefront!


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