Mastermind Behind Punjab Paper Leak Scam, “Guruji” Arrested by Punjab Police

In a shocking news that has shaken aspirants of government job in Punjab, “Guruji” the alleged mastermind behind the paper leak scam in Punjab has been nabbed by the Punjab Police Vigilance. Along with him, his accomplice who aided him in building up the network to carry out the “shameful” task of leaking the papers of the post of Punjab Government examinations, arrested people included three people who were deeply involved in the Punjab’s paper leak scam.

About the Punjab’s Paper Leak scam

Punjab state has been under the scrutiny for many years for all the examinations it has been conducting for recruitment of officials into various departments like Irrigation and Engineering ones apart from the ones that deal with Urban Planning and Development. For past two years, these examinations have been scheduled and then rescheduled not once or twice but even thrice.

Alleged “Guruji” and his accomplice

Nabbed by police officials of State Vigilance Bureau on Wednesday from various cities, the recruitment tests for the posts of Assistant Corporation Engineer (Civil), Assistant Municipal Engineer (Civil) and Sub-Divisional Engineer (Civil) in Municipal Corporation, Municipal Council, Nagar Panchayat and Improvement trust on November 8 and November 15, 2015,ee persons involved in the paper leak scam of Punjab Government have been arrested in the case. Here are the details about the arrest.

  • Siv Bahadur Singh who worked in a government press in Delhi which used to print papers
  • Sanjay Kumar Srivastava is popularly known as ‘Masterji’ alias ‘Guruji’ alias Mithilesh Pandey, arrested from his house in Lucknow
  • Sailes Kumar who is an associated was also held by the vigilance in association with the paper leak scam
  • The Delhi network includes two men namely Dinesh Yadav and Suresh Yadav involved with ‘Guruji’

What all Papers were leaked by “Guruji and team”

Here’s a list of all the papers from Chandigarh and Punjab state that got leaked by the “gentleman.” 

  • Recruitment exams for the posts of Asst. Corporation Engg., Assist. Municipal Engg. SDE all in Civil
  • The recruitments were meant to be in the govt. deptt. like  Municipal Corporation, Council, Nagar Panchayat and Improvement trust
  • The examinations were held at a mass level to recruit the best candidates in the year 2015
  • Moreover, other exams leaked were of Junior Basic trained (JBT) teachers
  • Trained Graduate teachers (TGT), NTT and engineering exams like (JE) were also leaked

Many aspirants in terms of freshers who have recently passed out their graduations and also professional in various private firms who have enough experience to serve the State’s government were at loss. Why? Because some unscrupulous elements of the society had the idea of minting money overnight by simply playing with careers of deserving candidates of the nation, which is pretty sad!

Source : IndianExpress

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