Meet Influencer Tal Revivo Who Has Set Instagram on Fire

The whole social media and specially Instagram has been set on fire these days with this one man named Tal Revivo. He has been one of the most talked about and viral personalities on the internet these days. Tal Revivo is a multi-talented person who was born and bought up in Israel and does many kinds of stuff all alone. He is mostly known as a lifestyle influencer, Model, Content creator, Photographer and many more.

After finishing his schooling and 3 years army service Mr. Tal Revivo took admission in college and graduated in Marketing business manager in year 2012. His life completely changed after he went on to a trip of south America. Just before his flight, he bought a DSLR to capture his journey which eventually later changed his life. In his six months trip of south America, he traveled in the countries like Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and fell in love with Photography. After coming back to Israel from his trip he posted the amazing pictures that he clicked during the trip on his Instagram. His pictures instantly became viral and it attracted many people. He started getting for buying his pictures. His amazing photography skills caught the eye of many brands and companies and from then on his completely changed forever.

Today Tal Revivo is one of the most famous content creator and brand promoter. He has worked with many international brands like Sano, Durex, Samsung, Tommy, G Star, Factory 54, Celio, Dsquared2, Levi’s and many more. He designs and plan the promotional campaign for brands like this and creates the content for them. In current time Tal Revivo is a brand in himself as is amongst one of the most famous Lifestyle influencers. Despite being busy in his professional work with multinational companies Tal still creates content for his Instagram page and works to motivate other people to work hard for their dreams just like he did. His lifestyle and approach towards is really appreciating and inspiring for the youth these days.


Ajay Deep

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