Meet Mohammed Rashid, The Youth Icon of Indian Luxury Segment

“The only way to succeed is to keep hustling”- One will be amazed after coming across the splendidly stylish lifestyle of this highly discussed personality. His social media posts bespeak a young life full of inspiration and a flamboyant lifestyle.

Mohammed Rashid, one of the most sought after influencer, is an alpha male by all measures. Born Indian, in the year 1990, this 28 years young lad spent his past life in the kingdom of Bahrain and he was able to make connection with the royal families in middle east, Mohammed Rashid says he had a visionary thought and a vision to become a successful entrepreneur at a very young age and he was able to achieve it by giving his entire time on his goals after many harsh years and experiencing everyday new challenge he was able to achieve his goals at a very young age.

At present he is a young entrepreneur dealing in many business segment building concrete bridges to big projects internationally, with his connection, plan of Mohammed Rashid is to encourage youth generation that every failure leads him or her to success one should never lose hope when he fails he should try again and again to achieve his goals, Mohammed Rashid amaze us with an array of dreamy concoction.

Be it wowing us with luxury lifestyle blogging or owning the most upscale brands or even more, possessing a high-quality music sense, Rashid slays them all. Youth icon of the Indian luxury segment, he is followed by countless celebrities and marked personalities. His reach is indeed blue-blooded, as a noted visitor to the Middle-East Royalty. Although he is busy enough with all these killer engagements, Rashid proves to be an inspiration to all the budding entrepreneurs with his successful international collabs and business ideas.

This young influencer believes to shape Indian youth, in the right way and cites, ”Networking is the most powerful resource”.


Rahul Setia

Rahul Setia works at, RBI registered NBFC as AVP Digital Marketing. Rahul enjoys creating innovative marketing strategies and is an expert at website data analysis. He is passionate about blogging and frequently shares his extensive knowledge through guest posts on different portals. Rahul has done his bachelors in Information Technology from Gurgaon
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