Meet the Youngest Entrepreneur In Bihar – Mayank Singh Rajput

Youth is a period in one’s life when his/her impetus to rebel peaks. Each one of us wants to follow our heart and intuition – now more than ever – and see where it leads. However, only a few inherit the courage to break the stereotypes to finally conquer their dreams.

Three years ago, a young boy hailing from Bihar, India decided to take the leash in his hands and broke free of the shackles that forced him to conform to societal standards.

Now, after years of trial and error, Mayank Singh Rajput is The Youngest Entrepreneur In Bihar, He Is well known digital and social media marketing expert, he is a founder and CEO of an organization called the digital hunters an agency offering digital marketing services at all over India – and he’s only 22 years old! Meet the shrewd  Entrepreneur  Mayank Singh Rajput.

At the age of 18, he ventured into the world of entrepreneurship. After completing his college studies, he launched his first start-up, The Digital Hunters, in 2019.

Mayank experienced – what most people call – a paradigm shift. His unconventional approach towards success was unwelcomed by many but he did not let that falter his confidence. While most people consider acquiring a college degree a mandatory tool to succeed, Mayank considers it to be supplementary but not vital for success.

he also created social media profiles of several brands through his firm. Mayank has been the Digital Marketing Manager of several celebrity celebrities. He has also been the marketing representative of many celebrities, including international artist Jessica Amir, several MTV artists, and Bollywood celebrities and singers. Now he recently works for the Punjabi music industry  His hard work really paid him.

His dedicated hard work and never-ending adventures to succeed make him one of the few digital marketers who have done so much work in a very short period of time. He started his first start-up by taking a few rupees from his parents and has really shone well today by building an online platform for projects worth millions. With all his determination he managed to become one of the ‘youngest digital entrepreneurs in the country’

Entrepreneurs can come from any age, as long as they’re willing to work hard, commit to their ideas, and able to take necessary risks to see those ideas become reality. Power of social media and knowledge had changed the life of many, so if you’re ready to start your own entrepreneurial journey you can get inspiration from such young entrepreneurs and make turn your dreams into reality

To check more out and remain connected with Mayank Singh Rajput, follow his official Instagram @mayanksinghrajputra where you can reach out and interact with him!


Ajay Deep

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