Mercedes AMG GLC 43 Official Launch In India | Know Price, Features & Launch Date in 2017

Mercedes is all set to add a new member to its family with the launch of Mercedes AMG GLC 43 in India in 2017. Already being alert on launch within a few days from now in India, Mercedes AMG GLC 43 is driving car lovers and tech-enthusiasts of India insane with its super-classy looks and the features it has got.

Mercedes never fails to amaze its clients and people around the globe with the great design and outstanding features and specifications with every single car it launches and with the introduction of AMG GLC 43 by Mercedes in Indian sub-continent, the German manufacturer leaves no stone unturned to bring out the best in the world.

About Mercedes AMG GLC 43 Launch in India in 2017

All set to launch in India on July 21, 2017, Mercedes AMG GLC 43 is an eagerly awaited in the luxury SUV category of the make. Mercedes-AMG GLC-43 Coupe is first of its kinds of luxury cars that would be launched in India with a coupe- styled and magnificiently designed SUV chassis, the entire nation is eager to see the most sought after Mercedes-AMG GLC-43 Coupe on Indian roads soon. The added oomph factor with the ‘Coupe-like’ design that has been incorporated in the Mercedes-AMG GLC-43 like never seen in other ‘Merc’ cars, there is no harm in saying that Mercedes-AMG GLC-43 with its launch in India is going to surpass the market share grabbed by its contemporaries like C-class and E-class of the same make.

Mercedes AMG GLC 43 in India, Features & Specifications

The year 2017 is going to be the year for the Mercedes-AMG GLC-43 Coupe in India. Well, to know why, let us highlight some salient key features and specifications that Mercedes-AMG GLC-43 boasts of with its launch on July 21, 2017 in India.

  • The 3-litre engine V6 supporting All Wheel Drive (AWD) standards is a twin turbo charged form of the engine
  • The peak power of Mercedes-AMG GLC-43 is 362 bhp while the peak torque offered is 520 Nm
  • There are all in all 5 driving modes which are Eco, Sport, Sport Plus, Comfort and Individual
  • Speed Sensitive steering wheels with control buttons for infotainment system simply nails the look
  • The beauty Mercedes-AMG GLC-43 Coupe reaches from zero to 100 kmph in no time of 4.9 seconds only
  • The restriction imposed by German manufacturers on the speed limit is at 250 kmph, super fast indeed
  • Safety features include air body control or air suspension in the Mercedes-AMG GLC-43 Coupe in India
  • LED Tail lamps with alloy wheels of 19″ as standard and 21″ as option is available at least
  • Interiors boast of made of microfibers for added comfort with stitching red for aesthetics
  • The infotainment system boasts of USB control, Bluetooth and Climate Control systems in it

Mercedes AMG GLC 43 in India

First unveiled in the Paris Motor Show last year in October, the curiosity factor graph has only risen showing a positive slope for the enthusiasts who could not wait for the launch of the most celebrated Coupe-designed luxury SUV of the year 2017 by Mercedes with Mercedes-AMG GLC-43 in India. Priced within the range of INR 80-85 lacs, the German manufacturer Mercedes caters to the classes and not the masses.

So, burn your pockets to purchase this beauty for your garage, for the value for money with a luxury SUV of Mercedes-AMG GLC-43 Coupe in India is just worth it. If the glossy black look of this black horse doesn’t lure to shell huge bucks out for, No idea what will!

Source: NDTV


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