Microsoft Launches AI-Powered iPhone App to Help Blind ‘See’

Microsoft, the global multinational technology company has done a great job of making an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered iPhone app for visually impaired people to see the world virtually. Microsoft who is known for developing, manufacturing, licensing computer software and electronic goods, has now released a free iOS app (for iPhone users) that will narrate things happening around the differently abled people.

How does Microsoft AI-powered iPhone app works

This Microsoft developed and created iPhone app is a free mobile application with artificial intelligence (AI) and an integrated camera for the better description to the user. Any one using this app will have to hold up the iPhone and listen to the information about things and happenings around. Microsoft has designed this mobile app in such a way that an iPhone user who is visually impaired can see the world via an audible experience based on AI.

To begin with, if you have pointed your iPhone at any market place, the camera in the phone will capture the image of the marketplace and through AI will describe you the scene of the market including the vendor next to you, and shop nearby or even a pole that you can possibly collide too. Also, this Microsoft made iPhone app is intelligent enough to tell you yours restaurant bill or will depict things as and when happens in front of you.

More about Microsoft AI-powered iPhone app for blind

The AI powered iPhone app for the blinds is one of its kind project conceived and developed by Microsoft that works on artificial intelligence (AI). May be that is the reason why market giants like- Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook are also working to launch an app on the similar lines. 

Though Microsoft must have introduced its AI powered iPhone app as an advancement to the company’s credits, it will prove to be a boon for the visionless community all across the world. This app will give the liberty and the confidence to the blinds to be independent and experience the outer world with the help of AI enable iPhone app that Microsoft has introduced to the world.


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