List of Xiaomi Devices Getting MIUI 9 Update | Here’s How To Spot New Features in Your Redmi Device

Xiaomi has started the global rollout of its new software update called the MIUI 9. The MIUI 9 comes with a host of new features that will make your everyday life easier. The new update MIUI is available for most of its devices that are available in India. The Xiaomi Mi 4 and the Mi 5 will get the new update MIUI 9. The new features will also hit Redmi series of phones like the Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 4, Redmi 4, Redmi 4a, Redmi 3, Redmi 3 Prime. The new update of MIUI 9 will also be available on the Mi Mix and the Mi Mix 2 as well as the Mi Max and Mi Max 2. The phones from 2015 like the Redmi 2 and the Redmi 2 Prime are in the list of global MIUI 9 rollout as well.

List of new features in your Xiaomi Redmi devices courtesy the new Xiaomi update MIUI 9:

The new icons: The new icons are the primary redesigned new feature in the new Xiaomi update MIUI 9. The icons now also do a slight animation everytime you click on them. This lifts the visual look of the new Xiaomi update MIUI 9.

Quick app switch: The new feature that Xiaomi devices get with the new MIUI 9 update is a quick app switch function. Double tapping on the recent apps button now lets you switch between the current and the last used app. This will be particularly helpful when you are typing in OTPs in the apps.

Split-Screen multitasking: The Split-Screen multitasking was once exclusive to Samsung Note devices but over time even Google has this functionality built in since the Nougat update. The new Xiaomi update MIUI 9 also comes with this feature.

One Touch Silent Mode: Going the Oneplus route Xiaomi with its new update MIUI 9 has added a new feature where you can touch the power button and put the device straight into silent mode. You can also decide how long you want the device to be silent and it will come back on general after the desired time.

The new functional lock screen: The new Xiaomi MIUI 9 update also redesigns the lock screen. The added new feature lets you access the Mi Home devices in Xiaomi’s ecosystem with a right swipe.

Home Screen Management: Now MIUI 9 lets you select multiple icons on the home screen and take action on all of them at once. This new feature comes particularly useful when the user wants to move more than one icon on a different home screen.

Notifications: The notifications in the new Xiaomi update are much more organised now. The new feature organises different notifications from a single app into one which can later be accessed with a two finger swipe down. This will clear up space in the notification bar and make the MIUI 9 Xiaomi update look cleaner.

All these new features make the new Xiaomi update MIUI 9 a great skin overall.


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