Moga | Mother Kills Her Daughter And Stepson With An Axe

Punjab’s heartless mother killed her two children aged 13 and 3 with an axe. The mother and a man were involved in killing the two children. The incident happened in the Fateh Ullah Shahwala village of Dharamkot-subdivision, Moga District.

Paramjit Kaur, the mother of both the children and Malkit Singh, Paramjit Kaur’s brother killed the children. Lovedeep Singh, the 13-year-old boy was the stepson of Paramjit Kaur, he was handicapped in the leg and was also bed-ridden. Paramjit Kaur killed Lovedeep with an axe and he died on the spot.

Mother And Her Brother Killed Her Two Children With An Axe

Lovedeep Singh, the 13-year-old stepson of Paramjit Kaur and Jasmine Kaur, Paramjit’s 3-year-old daughter were attacked with an axe. Paramjit Kaur, second wife of Sher Singh dislike Sher Singh’s two sons. Dharamjit, an 18-year-old boy and Lovedeep Singh, a 13-year-old boy were She Singh’s sons from his first wife. Dharamjit and Lovedeep Singh were handicapped and bed-ridden.

How The Incident Happened 

Dharamjit, Sher Singh’s son told the Moga police that Paramjit Kaur was brutally beating her daughter Jasmine on Wednesday evening. He said that Lovedeep tried to stop Paramjit from beating Jasmine. Lovedeep also made a video of Paramjit beating Jasmine. When Paramjit Kaur saw Lovedeep making a video and got annoyed. She called Malkit Singh and later both of them started beating Lovedeep and Jasmine with an axe. Both the children died on the spot.

The DSP said that Paramjit Singh is not mentally stable and she isn’t speaking since the incident happened on Wednesday evening. Malkit Singh, Paramjit’s brother said that Sher Singh killed Lovedeep and Jasmine but the eyewitness Dharamjit said that Paramjit Kaur and Malkit Singh killed the children.

Possible Reason For The Murder

The reason behind the murder is still not clear. The possible reason for the murder could be that Paramjit Kaur disliked Dharamjit and Lovedeep and ended up killing Lovedeep. Lovedeep and Jasmine’s bodies have been sent to Civil Hospital, Moga for an autopsy. The Moga police have also registered a FIR against Paramjit Kaur and her brother Malkit Singh.

Source: The Indian Express


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