Mohali-Kharar Flyover | Over 607 Buildings To Be Flattened

The Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has recently made an announcement regarding the under construction Mohali-Kharar Flyover project of ripping down almost 607 structures in 9 villages situated down the Balongi-Kharar area in order to construct service lanes on both sides of the flyover. The 607 structures has come under the 7 hectare land that is going to be acquired by NHAI for the Mohali-Kharar Highway project. The Highway Authority started its project with 11 hectares of land and is now in the process of acquiring the “missing land” area of 7 acres right now to continue its construction work.

Mohali-Kharar Flyover: “Missing Land”

NHAI acquired only 11 hectares of land before the commencement of the Kharar-Mohali highway project that costs around Rs 448 crore. The authority is now in the process of acquiring the “missing land” which has been the reason of delay for the project so far. The Mohali-Kharar highway has been scheduled to be completed by December 2018 but the acquisitions of the remaining land area has made the project lag behind. NHAI has still not yet acquired the said 7 hectare land that will need clearing up before continuing the construction process. Service lanes will be made on the 7 hectares of land which is right now occupied with more than 600 structures and covers almost 9 villages.

Kharar-Mohali Flyover: Progress Status

The Mohali-Kharar flyover project is still in progress and is scheduled to be declared completed by December 2018. Till date construction of about 600 foundations and 30 pillars have been successfully completed of the flyover that is going to be 4.5 km long in its completed state. NHAI designated the Mohali-Kharar highway project to L&T company who has apparently taken more time to complete the six-lane flyover project, i.e about 11 months under what:

  • An elevated road will be built from Balongi
  • Along with an underpass
  • The elevated road will meet near KFC
  • Which will also have an underpass
  • From KFC the road will be elevated from Sunny Enclave
  • Uptill Khanpur T-point
  • The road will not be changed in any manner apart from being widened to six-lane from grain market to Balongi

According to the guidelines, acquisition of 90% of the land area should be done before the commencement of the construction project and rest of the required land can be claimed after the staring of the project. But in the case of the Mohali-Kharar highway acquisition process of the remaining land started after one year of the project inception.

Source: TheTribune


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