Mohammed Usama Khan Is Very Popular Model as well as Entrepreneur

The young Entrepreneur and Model from Hyderabad Usama Khan, who is majorly famous astonishing good looks and lavish life, unfortunately, had an accident. He fell from the fourth floor of stairs and severely damaged fractured his spinal cord. He was admitted to the nearest hospital and is now under recovery and gaining strength each day. The doctors said that it might take him some months to get him back to be fully healthy and normal.

Usama Khan is amongst one of the most prominent growing entrepreneurs and model of our country. He is the brand ambassador of many international brands like Add-life.

The life of Usama has been very luxuries and has always caught the eye of the media. Since his childhood, he was very active in sports and also was very good in his studies. Usama was members of very sports club his town and even played in interstate Tennis competition. His father, Mohammed Farhat Khan, is also a very well known entrepreneur who owns an authentic bidi ( Indian cigarette ) company.

Being born and bought up in a very prosperous family has given Usama Khan a luxuries life from the beginning. He followed his father’s footsteps and became very active in building his own business alongside his other passions.  Usama is a prominent businessman. He owns a Gaming Parlour named “Blaze Gaming.”

Some of his other business and assets are such a famous restaurant in his town. Usama also owns an apartment in his city.

Mr. Usama is also very active in share market and has a very vast knowledge of share market trading.  He is a very Intelligent businessman and has bought many shares of some of the biggest companies in the country. He is astute, who reads the market very well. His knowledge of the share market is pretty vast, which he keeps upgrading with the time.

He is doing his Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Amity University and gaining all the knowledge and skills to be successful in the business. Usama has helped his father took some of the critical decisions for his business in the hard time that has helped his fathers company in the long run and gave positive result and growth to their family business.

Usama, in a real sense, is a true icon for the youth of our country. From studies to sports and fitness to business, he has utilized every opportunity that he got and made sure to do his best in it. His consistent approach to getting better and grow in his life has helped him a lot to get where he is at right now. He has an excellent sense of keeping the balance of everything in his life and keeping it perfect. We hope that he will keep inspiring the youth with his tremendous 360-degree work that he does and wish him more success and a speedy recovery.


Ajay Deep

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