MTV Splitsvilla 10 (2017): These 2 Latest Eliminations Are Shocking – Look Who’s the New Ideal Match

As a part of MTV Splitsvilla 10 (2017) twist & turns, today 2 of the contestants got eliminated from the show and the show also got a new ideal match in the dome session. After the elimination of Akash Chaudhary and the entry of Aquib as a wild card, the table in Splitsvilla 10 house has turned a lot. As a result of the same, in the dome session today not a connection has been broken but a new connection has also been developed.

On the one side, Hritu was shattered after the elimination of her connection, whereas on the other side of Splitsvilla 2017 show Divya Aggarwal was all set to find an ideal match for her with the wild card contestant Aquib. But the actual shock of the show came in today’s dome session of MTV Splitsvilla 10 when the game changed from one end to another end.

And the new Ideal Match of MTV Splitsvilla 2017 is:

After Basser and Naina won the task and made themselves to the safe zone in the Splitsvilla 10 show. Divya-Ripu and Aquib-Hritu got the chance to face the oracle to find out whether they are an ideal match or not on MTV Splitsvilla 2017. Earlier to the dome session, whole planning and plotting to send Divya-Ripu in front of the Oracle. But as we all know nothing can be predicted in MTV Splitsvilla 1 before the dome session.

The moment contestants entered the dome session, Ranvijay announced a twist. Ranvijay gave a power to Baseer- Naina to send either of the one couples in front of the Oracle. But also warned them that if the couple they sent come out to be an ideal match in MTV Splitsvilla 10 then they will get an added advantage. Whereas if the couple they sent is not an ideal match then they will be offered a disadvantage. So after taking time, Basser-Naina sent Aquib and Hritu in front of the Oracle and you know what they become the last Ideal match of Season 10 of MTV Splitsvilla 10.

MTV Splitsvilla 10 (2017): These 2 contestants Got Eliminated

After being the new ideal match of MTV Splitsvilla season 10 (2017), Aquib and Hritu got the opportunity to eliminate either of the one couples from the show, be it Divya-Ripu or Haneet-Alisha. And as we all know what’s the obvious decision would be?. Although whole Splitsvilla 10 knows the obvious decision, but then also everyone requested Aquib-Hritu to do justice. But nothing changed their decision and at the end, Divya Aggarwal and Ripu Daman got dumped from MTV Splitsvilla 10 show.

Now let’s see which of theses ideal match wins the MTV Splitsvilla 10 show.



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