NCERT Syllabus For Different Classes To Be Reduced by 50% From Academic Session

In a recent announcement made in relation to the education and academics, the NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) syllabus of the different classes in the schools is likely to be reduced from the new academic session commencing from 2019. This decision has received mixed reactions from the officials.

Many students and teachers found that the syllabus proposed by NCERT for different classes is very diversified and the students are not able to concentrate on anything else expect the academics before of the huge about of the NCERT syllabus to be covered and completed. However, now the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has decided to cut down the syllabus leaving it to half the before.

NCERT Syllabus To Be Cut Half | Check Details

The academic session of 2019 is likely to experience a decrease in the NCERT Syllabus. This announcement came as a mere relief to the students who were burdened by the lengthy and time-consuming syllabus among the various students of different classes. Now, with the NCERT Syllabus to be cut half, students are likely to be less burdened and can distribute their focus on different important areas as well.

This decision of cutting the NCERT Syllabus to half was recently made by the Ministry in lieu of the students to benefit their extracurriculars as well as the academics. Whereas, this decision has led to increasing the concern of the students who tend to focus more on preparing for the competitive examinations.

All-around development of the students is a must and therefore, in order to reduce their stress related to academics, this step has been taken to help them focus on other important areas as well which are equally important. Mixed signals from both the teachers as well as the students have been received on the suggestion of cutting the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) Syllabus to half from the academic session commencing from 2019.

Bill Regarding Examinations To Be A Part Of Budget Session

It is felt that the overall development of a candidate is very necessary for the success of a child which is one of the main reasons why the NCERT Syllabus has been reduced to half. Apart from this, another proposal has been made that if any of the students happen to fail in March, another chance will be provided to him/her to reappear in the month of May.

If, the student fails in May, then only he/she shall be detained in the previous Class. This proposal related to the
exams, as well as the detention, is yet to be considered in the next session.


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