New Delhi – Amritsar Shatabdi Train Now Becomes More Luxurious

 New Delhi – Amritsar Shatabdi train has got a luxurious update under Operation Swarn. The Swarn Operation which was launched by the railways back in 2017 was aimed at upgrading 15 Shatabdi and 14 Rajdhani trains on popular routes with modern day facilities and better on board features. According to sources, the cost of upgrading these features is capped at 50 Lakh Rupees on each Shatabdi train. The new Amritsar – New Delhi Shatabdi was to start plying on the route by April 7.

Features of the New Delhi – Amritsar Swarn Shatabdi

Under the Swarn Operation, the New Delhi – Amritsar Swarn Shatabdi got an upgrade to its interiors which are aimed at improving passenger experience on these routes. According to the officials, the upgrades were planned across as much as ten parameters including onboard cleaning facilities, passenger infotainment systems, modular sanitary fittings in the bathrooms, and better-looking interiors which are honestly a welcome step up from the conventional Shatabdi trains.

There are also upgrades to the passenger security on these new New Delhi – Amritsar Swarn Shatabdi coaches. There is something called a GPS enabled passenger announcement and information system too along with some inputs that are intended to make the trains more punctual.

Coming to the most apparent changes on the New Delhi – Amritsar Swarn Shatabdi, the coaches now get full LED lighting which offer better illumination along with anti-graffiti vinyl wrapping both on the inside and outside. There are better storage spaces for the onboard pantry and the shelves for passenger luggage on the Amritsar – New Delhi Swarn Shatabdi is now scratch resistant.

Details of the 12029/12030 New Delhi – Amritsar Shatabdi

The first upgraded Shatabdi to run on the New Delhi – Amritsar route 12029/12030 went operational on April 7. It has eighteen coaches in total and all of them sport these modern facilities with better-looking interiors. Under operation Swarn, at least 15 Shatabdi trains along with 14 Rajdhani ones are planned to get these modern facilities which will improve the passenger experience substantially. These upgrades will come at a cost of approximately 50 Lakh Rupees on each train. Expect more trains to follow suit after the New Delhi – Amritsar Shatabdi.


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