New Subject to be Introduced in the CBSE Syllabus From 2018 Through NCERT Books

As per the sources and recent media news, CBSE has sent NCERT a letter to add to one new subject to the syllabus. According to the sources, the new subject will be introduced in the CBSE syllabus by 2018. All the formalities to add on one new subject has been under process.

1 New Subject To be Introduced in CBSE Syllabus 

As per the current media reports, students will have to study one more subject under CBSE board. CBSE has already sent the application to the NCERT to prepare for the introduction of this new subject. The new subject that is going to be added in the CBSE syllabus is about the 21 legendary Param Veer Chakra winners. All the CBSE students will now have to study the history behind the legendary Param Veer winners. From past few months, the government has been working really hard to make the youth of India familiar with the Param Veer Chakra winners. For the same purpose, they have passed the ordinance to build the wall in the colleges and institutes displaying the names and pictures of all the winners.

This is the same reason under which CBSE is now adding on a subject about these legendary heroes. This subject will be introduced next year, through which students will get familiar with the names and stories of these heroes. In total there are 21 people who have won this honor of Param Veer Chakra in India. This is the second most prestigious honor that is given in India after Bharat Ratna.

The story of all these 21 heroes will be presented as a subject in CBSE syllabus from next year. This is formulated way by CBSE to make the youth of India aware of the heroes and encourage them. NCERT has already been made aware of this new subject launch. According to the sources, this new subject will be added in the CBSE syllabus from next year that is 2018. All the students will be then able to study the details of the honorable Param Veer Chakra winners.

This is one step that CBSE has planned to take to introduce the youth of India to the story of Indian Heroes.

Source – Amarujala 

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