NRI Karan Abbott Opens Shelter for Homeless Dogs

While Karan Abbott has already got Shelters running around Delhi NCR, he now shifts his focus to the strays in Chandigarh.

People always come forward to help other human beings, but what about the voiceless beings? Karan Abbott yet again proves why he is a real hero as this time he has enthralled people by opening another shelter for /stray dogs. This NRI, who is a noteworthy entrepreneur living between London, Dubai and Delhi, radiates genuine intention and a heart of gold when it comes to helping the ones who can’t speak.

Karan Abbott has become a ray of hope for strays as well, with opening another shelter for homeless and stray dogs and doing his bit for them. There were already shelters in Delhi and Gurugram and now he has opened it in Chandigarh as well. He has so far adopted 80 stray dogs near Chandigarh and wants to continue these adoptions to give a new home to the ‘paw’fect beings and give them a reason to live healthily and happily.

Karan says that he is the last opportunity for his dogs–as the ones he takes in are typically sick and all are no longer wanted. Not the cute and cuddly dogs that people actively seek out, they find solace in Karan’s homestead, as it was created just for them–the unwanted.

Karan said his life before his work with dogs was successful but unfulfilling. Karan has multiple businesses around the globe in the field of real estate finance and development, commodities, FX trading, export of Agro food products and logistics, but he just didn’t find life happiness in the expensive cars and watches and fancy life he lived. It was when he came across a beautiful Siberian Husky named Myra that he rescued that’s when he started to fond for the dogs.

Karan Abbott’s gesture for doing better for homeless dogs has further earned him more respect.


Ajay Deep

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