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Now we would like to tell you more carefully about each step, and next to do when choosing the best casino. In this section, we will talk about both mandatory and optional issues. 


Firstly, not all licenses work in India. Only some regulatory authorities have valid licenses. One of them is the Maltese regulator. One of them is an Englishman. Having the other licenses is a huge advantage, but having a Maltese license is mandatory. This gives you a lot of advantages and conviction. You can be sure that the casino will follow certain currency requirements. For example, a casino must have a certain amount to get a license. The total amount can reach millions of INR, depending on the detailed features of the casino. And also, a couple of thousand will be spent only on the application, on all trial and inspection operations and, in the end, on the license itself.

In general, just for the purpose of obtaining a license from the Maltese regulator, the casino costs thousands of INR. The Maltese regulatory authority has a fairly long time to submit an application and the highest list of conditions for obtaining a license. All participants of the operation will be painstakingly tested, tested and proven. And also, the casino must undergo operations for all 5 years, and a yearly license maintenance operation is carried out to guarantee that the casino meets the requirements. The license brings another confidence: every casino that has it must provide funds for a special allocation of funds, creating additional security for players. If something happens to the casino, the players will receive the funds that were deposited back from the designated allocation of funds. But if the casino does not have a license or the license is issued by God knows who, and something happens to it, the players’ funds are lost forever. In the end, however, this happens extremely rarely, you have the opportunity to file an appeal specifically to the regulatory authority if difficulties with the casino can’t be resolved in a good way. It may be a long and painful process, but at least you have the opportunity.

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From time to time this requirement is indicated, from time to time its existence is not even announced, but we would like to highlight it. The casino website must be secured with SSL, without any other options. To check whether it is enabled, you just need to look at the URL address. If it starts with “https”, it means that you will be able to go to the website. The website is protected by a reliable SSL certificate, encrypting your data before you post it on the web. Even if some super-professional computer criminal steals your data, he will also encode it. With the help of a special key, it will take years or decades to decrypt, depending on the software and the encoding method. Maybe you haven’t even had an account for that long. If it starts with “http”, it means that at least some can have access to the information that you provide to the website. Do you want someone to steal your personal or payment data? If not, do not enter your data there.

Customer support

Customer support is mandatory without any mutually beneficial solutions or objections. We would disagree with those who think that all options should be available, but at least one should be available. However, if a phone number is the only option, it might not be extremely convenient, since not everyone wants to call abroad to ask a question. If it was a toll-free number, it could work. A link to the presence of a customer support service on an Internet resource does not mean that the service can be used. Therefore, we advise you to write to the customer support service agent via chat or email or call them if the call is more practical for you. Did they respond? This means that there is someone to whom support is available. But this will not end the test operation. Come up with some dilemma, ask a few questions, pretend that you don’t understand something. Make them tell you something right. Did they succeed? Are you happy with the way they treated you? If you answered yes, you will be able to proceed to the next step of conducting tests of the Indian casino.

Convenient deposit and withdrawal of funds

This may seem unusual, but we wish to mention it. It is essential that you can deposit and withdraw your funds on legitimate grounds. If the casino does not accept the payment method that is used in your region, it means that the casino provides its services illegally. There is one more thing to focus on when it comes to withdrawing funds and making a deposit: this detail is payments. Do casinos in India charge any fees? Are fees charged only for deposits or only for withdrawals? Are salaries high? Are you willing to pay for it? Choose a casino in which they are not used or which gives so many advantages that paying fees does not seem to be a big problem. However, the deposit time at the casino is usually extremely short, the withdrawal time can vary greatly in different casinos. 

Choose a casino with a reasonable withdrawal time. This is not extremely important as long as the casino pays, but from time to time it is annoying to wait for funds for a very long time. Here are the details that are mandatory if the casino wants to look like a reliable and legitimate gambling provider. In addition to this, there are details that are not really necessary, but will make your gaming experience more enjoyable.


An Indian online casino does not necessarily have to give thousands of games, as long as your beloved ones are there. However, it is a practice that the best casinos give a good selection of games. It is better if they are provided by popular gaming providers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n Go, etc. You might think that some casinos have great exclusive games, and you’re right about this one. The bottom line is that these companies give games, the former tested in one or even in almost all personal testing laboratories. This is usually done by eCOGRA. This means that, for its part, a generator of unexpected numbers is used to get the results. As a result, all your winnings are based only on luck, and the casino cannot change the indicators in your favor. If a casino gives a proprietary game, this is a huge advantage and means that the casino is allowed to deal with it primarily financially. However, again, these types of games need to be tested and tested. If not, in other words, there is a big possibility that the casino will convert the indicators in favor of the Institution. As a result, your chances of winning may be zero. The existence of an Indian mobile casino with its own versions of your beloved games is a huge advantage if you often play on your own mobile device.


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