Online Gaming in India: The Legal Conundrum, Cricket, and Poker

Indians live and breathe cricket. It captures the emotions and enthusiasm of Indians in a way only religion would. Cricket betting has been around for centuries in India, and with the advent of technology, it’s moved online. What are the legalities of online gaming in India, and can gamers get a little bit more of Las Vegas than just cricket?

Gaming is illegal in India, but it’s also legal 

The above is not a typo. It’s a statement that reflects the ambiguity of gambling laws in India. Gaming is illegal in most Indian states. However, no law prohibits online gaming as an unlawful undertaking. 

The online gaming industry is thriving in India—hiding under the ambiguity of the law and fueled by casino enthusiasts after big winnings. Data by KPMG shows that the online gaming industry in India grosses in 290 million USD annually with a growth rate of 20 % per annum. 

With the exploded reach of the internet and the fresh new cyberculture, many Indian gamers have shifted to online casinos. Offshore companies operate most betting sites that under legal technicalities can’t be shut down in India. Under the same statutory provisions, an Indian gamer using a foreign betting site whose origin is a country that has legalized gaming wouldn’t be guilty of breaking any laws.

Indian Premier League’s cricket is the primary gaming option in the country. Remember, though, that cricket betting is illegal in India falling under the same shadows of the land’s gaming laws. But that hasn’t stopped anyone from playing. On most sites, you can bet on sports and also play casino games with the same account. 

There is less risk with online casino games than with sports betting. With the proliferation of 4G access in India, live casinos have also become popular. There are many live casino games today that can be accessed from mobile devices anywhere across India, including Slots, Roulette, and Blackjack.

It is less risky to play table games online, as opposed to a land-based casino in India. For one, the bookmakers’ offshore status may protect the legality of your gaming. Furthermore, land-based casino operators will charge you more than what you will pay online to play these games.

Indian games are taking over the market 

Offshore online casino operators in India have realized that they have great potential for growth if they customize their offerings for the Indian market. That is what is happening. Teen Patti, a popular Indian flush card game, can now be played online. 

The card game is also steadily picking up throughout Asia and exists in various versions. Other popular Indian games online include Indian Rummy and Andar Bahar. 

The growing popularity of Indian games online is also a ripple effect of the increasing number of in-country betting companies. Many of their gaming titles have, consequently, appeared in the top 10 most downloaded games. It’s a sign of confidence that the Indian gamer has in their betting companies and trust that the government will soon establish legal clarity on betting. 

As traditional Indian games show up in this ecosystem, poker and roulette still rule the hearts of Indian gamers like everywhere else in the world. Unlike with cricket games where winnings may come once a week or just a few times in a day, table games such as these have a quick turn over, an allure that many can’t resist. 

The slots games where you have the chance to spin a wheel every few seconds come off as very exciting and with hundreds of variations. IndiaSlots online casino is perhaps one of the popular places to find the best Indian slots gaming sites. They have compiled a list of vetted providers that offer a staggering number of slots games with attractive bonuses,

Back to poker, the Economics Times estimates that the online version of this game is around 120 million USD. It’s regarded as a game of skill in India, and thus could be legal. Online poker platforms are now a dime a dozen, offering gamers a chance to play at real money.

So, the legality of gaming in India is too elliptic even for a top-notch Juris-doctor to explain. Cricket betting takes the number one spot in India, a fact proven by the Adda betting website, which says that it gets 5000 new registrations from India every month. But in the midst of all that, slots and card games are also quickly picking up as Indian gamblers’ favorites.


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