Panchkula’s Sector 20 Market – A No-Stop / No-Parking Zone

After a series of carjacking incidents in the recent past, the dispensation seems to have stirred out of its deep slumber. Sector 20 in Panchkula has been made a no-stopping / no-parking zone. Such incidents have multiplied if figures available are to be believed.

What triggered this move

The recent incidents of carjacking in the Sector 20 market on Tuesday night sent the area police in a tizzy following which police presence was increased in the area. The market has been made ‘no-stopping, no parking’ zone to prevent any untoward incident.

Though the police has recovered the Duster vehicle from Zirakpur in which the accused escaped from Panchkula, the accused is still at large. The incident has sent shock waves in the area with residents scared of going out in the market, especially with females in the house.

What does the police believe

While the police are investigating the case from different angles and it believes that the prime target of the accused was the woman. He had no clue that the child is accompanying the victim. Though the child was recovered after 45 minutes who had been left outside Domino’s at VIP road in Zirakpur. The car used by the miscreant was found a day after abandoned in a secluded corner of Zirakpur. Though the police are trying hard to get experts’ help to create a sketch of the accused due to lack of information provided by victim the police is not able to put a clear picture on the page. With no trace of the accused and identical modus operandi in the area has sent shock waves in the vicinity and is indeed a cause of concern for the residents of the area.

The police are linking the case with the January case as the accused this time around also sat in a car with engine turned on. Three identical incidents in mere five months time have not only instilled fear psychosis among the Sector 20 residents but has also put the police on their toes.

What is the similar case

In January a woman was waiting in the car in Sector 20 market when the accused fled along with the car and later drugged, raped and videographed the victim.

Source: The Tribune


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