Parmahamsa Vishwananda says, “Atma Kriya Yoga is like a universal highway to develop your personal relationship with God

Everyone who meets Paramahamsa Vishwananda definitely walks out feeling they have been changed for the better. That has certainly been the case for his followers and devotees from all over the world. Guruji has been travelling since the age of 15, sharing his message of Bhakti (devotion) and self-transformation.

Guruji touches so many people, not just those whom he meets personally but the hundreds of his devotees and followers around the world who are inspired by a living example of ‘Sanatana dharma and divine love.’ A big part of his mission is Guruji’s darshans which are very unique and powerful as He looks into your eyes and connects with the essence of who we are as human beings, thereby helping us transform our minds and open our hearts.

Parmahamsa Vishwananda started Bhakti Marga Foundation in 2005, which has its headquarters in Germany. He is a revolutionary Guru of our time. His Bhakti Marga movement unifies the major devotional traditions of bhakti and brings santana dharma to the rest of the world, welcoming devotees from all over the world to honour all the forms of God, chanting kirtans and performing pujas.

There are Bhakti Marga ashrams in many other countries including the United States, Brazil, South Africa, Mauritius and of course India. An ashram at Pandharpur will be constructed soon. Parmahamsa Vishwananda shared his views on one of the sadhanas that he has introduced to humanity – called Atma Kriya yoga.

Atma Kriya yoga:

On speaking of Atma Kriya yoga, Paramahamsa Vishwananda says, It awakens the longing for God and creates a deep transformation inside of you.

It is like a universal highway to develop your own unique and personal relationship with God. It is a daily set of meditation techniques, pranayama and asanas that culminate in awakening certain bhakti, ultimately leading to the ultimate goal of God’s Realisation. Through the grace of the masters Mahavatar Babaji and Paramahamsa Vishwananda – Shaktipad awakens the divine deep within you, and with sincere practices, it opens the doors to experience the divine in your daily life.


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