Polluted Air in Delhi May Bring Back Odd-Even Scheme Soon | Schools to Remain Shut Tomorrow

Delhi likely to start the odd-even scheme of vehicles on the roads soon while Delhi’s air quality has worsened recently. Due to the burning of stubble by farmers in the nearby areas and by burning crackers during Diwali that the administration in the capital is thinking of enforcing odd & even scheme again. Not only this, the Delhi government is calling the capital a gas chamber and has ordered all schools to remain shut tomorrow due to the bad quality air.

Odd-even plan to start again in Delhi soon

The polluted environment of Delhi-NCR is deteriorating the health conditions of the residents, which is compelling the Delhi government to contemplate on restarting the odd-even scheme in the capital. The Transport Minister, Kailash Gahlot has already written to the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) urging to gear up for the odd-even scheme to start across Delhi and NCR. He has even asked the DTC to plan out their services in Delhi-NCR accordingly and get appropriate manpower on board.

What is the odd-even scheme in Delhi 

The odd-even scheme is the plan started by the Delhi Government in the year 2016 to control worsening of air quality in Delhi and NCR. Under this scheme, vehicle registration number ending with an odd number can be only driven on an odd day while vehicle registration number ending with an even number can be driven only on an even day.  Violation of the odd-even plan may land the person driving that vehicle into trouble and he/ she may get challaned by the traffic police. The scheme was started with an aim to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads on the daily basis that will result in the emission of less polluted air in the environment. Last year itself, the Delhi Government had implemented the odd-even scheme in Delhi-NCR, successfully, which encouraged carpooling and use of public transportation by the Delhi residents.

When to implement odd-even plan

The Supreme Court has introduced the Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) to prepare the graded response action plan. The EPCA can bring the odd-even plan into force anytime under the ’emergency’ category for 48 hours or more, whenever they find high air pollution levels. EPCA is one body developed to resort to at the time of emergency in and around Delhi for implementing the odd-even scheme.

Source: economictimes.indiatimes.com


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