Preparing The Teenager For Foreign Education

As a parent, one of the terrifying experiences you can have is sending your child away. However, sending a child to study abroad can also be a rewarding experience, especially when you plan for it properly. 

Rather than dread the idea of your going to a foreign land, you can utilize some tools like Spokeo to monitor their online movements and the people they associate with. Though the reverse phone lookup the tool has, you can find out the people your child is communicating with and ensure they remain safe despite the distance.

  1. Start from choosing a country and university

Different countries have different programs for international students. Therefore, your first step should be to research to find out the opportunities each country offers to your child. You can find a lot of information about the country and the specific university the child is interested in online through various platforms. 

Find out the amenities of the university as well as the resources they give their students. You can also determine the kind of reputation the institution has as well as the specific areas they excel in. Besides researching online, you can contact the university with questions you may have, especially on amenities.

  1. Prepare documentation

Once you’re satisfied with the school’s features, you can prepare all the necessary documents. You will need passports, visas, and medical paperwork. 

Have the passport processed early and make sure you get all the necessary visa requirements before applying. You can ask the embassy or consulate about the mandatory travel documents and the visa application procedure. You should make a copy of every document and leave it at home with you.

  1. Accommodation 

Checking the kind of environment your child will be living in can also help you be at peace. Organize a short trip to look at the residential area your child will be using. Evaluate the kind of amenities and the environment they will be exposed to. A short trip may also help you get an idea of what the culture is like.

  1. Do not give a lot of cash

Try to avoid giving your child too much money to teach them how to be responsible and manage the funds well. A lot of money can confuse the child and increase their dependence on you. 

Not having a lot of cash, on the other hand, will drive them towards being more responsible and even looking for part-time jobs. Teach them to do email searches with online tools like Spokeo to avoid scams when looking for a job.

  1. Communication

Maintaining frequent communication will help you feel close to each other. Utilize virtual communication platforms like Skype and other social media networks like WhatsApp or facetime. By seeing each other when talking, you will be able to read the facial expressions and be more at peace.

  1. Spokeo reverse phone lookup

The internet has many tools that you can use to track your child’s movements and guarantee their safety. One of the most reliable ones is Spokeo, a reverse number lookup tool that could help you to monitor your child. This tool could also help you discover your child’s digital footprints on social media and thus help increase their safety. 

With Spokeo, you’ll know your child’s friends as well as other people they communicate with, especially if that person is a stranger. All you need to do is a phone number search, and you’ll know all the necessary details, including their physical and email addresses.

  1. Give your support

if studying abroad is your child’s idea and not yours; you have to show them your support and allow them to ahead with it. This will help you retain the child’s trust in you, and you will be their inspiration.

  1. Prepare a medical insurance

Most international study programs require the child to have insurance. However, you should still get one even if it’s not a requirement by the university. This will act as a safety measure for your child and guarantee access to medical care. Use Spokeo to search for insurance companies.


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