Pros And Cons Of Purchasing A TCL TV

TCL has emerged as a giant in the world of electronics. Among the products the company manufactures are smartphones, speakers, computers, and televisions. This Chinese conglomerate has already become the second-largest seller of TVs worldwide, and though it has been in India for a much shorter time than traditional brands like LG and Samsung, it’s certainly making waves. Nonetheless, when it comes to buying a new TCL TV, the question always arises whether the product is worth the investment.

The Brand’s Growth

Knowing a little bit about the development of the brand helps to form an informed opinion about it. In the case of TCL, there’s a story. Briefly put, the company began its ascent in China. TCL stands for ‘Telephone Communication Limited’. Formed in 1985, it started as a manufacturer of fixed phones. From 2003, it gained fame for its TVs. By 2005, it had reached the pinnacle of popularity among some of the world’s best global TV brands. TCL believes in capitalizing on new markets, and the company does this frequently. It is also in the successful habit of acquiring traditional faltering brands or those shutting down. For instance, it bought the German company Schneider Electronics and went into partnership with French company Thomson SA. Now that you have the lowdown, you’d think that TCL TVs can have only advantages. While there are multiple benefits of owning a TCL TV, there may be disadvantages as well.

Pros of Purchasing a TCL TV

TCL entered the Indian TV space in 2016. In 2019, the company announced that it would begin manufacturing its smart TVs at its plant in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. Outside China, this is TCL’s largest manufacturing plant. With frequent rollouts of new models, the brand is competing in price and performance with other traditional brands like LG, Samsung, and Sony. Constantly working to strengthen its TV portfolio in India, TCL extends myriad benefits, and a few of them have been highlighted below.

  • Cost vs. Benefit – The biggest pro of buying a TCL TV is the cost-benefit ratio being balanced. Critics argue that these aren’t the best TVs in the marketplace. However, despite that claim, sales are proving competitive across all ranges of TVs. With intriguing features at an affordable price, a TCL TV gives consumers exquisitely performing TVs at inexpensive price tags. Oftentimes, consumers think of purchasing more than one TCL TV per household because of this factor. For instance, the TCL C715 TV — the first 4K TCL TV launched, is more affordable than a similar Samsung model. With an adjustable stand, super slim look and HDR10+ support, not to mention Dolby Vision, the TCL C715 TV is a hot-seller. The TCL X915 TV — its 8K offering for 2020, can likewise be compared to Sony’s XBR-75Z8H TV and Samsung’s Q950T TV, both costing a lot more than the TCL TV variant.
  • Android TV – TCL, like its counterparts, offers the best operating system in its smart TVs. Android TVs have user-friendly interfaces with large app libraries. TCL TVs boast this and can be operated through Google Assistant via voice commands, as can be connected to smartphones via Google Home.
  • Audio Prioritized with Soundbars – With every new TV generation comes enhanced visual acuity and quality. Panels improve and features blend the power of processors with the display operation to deliver the most amazing images. Nonetheless, few TV brands prioritize audio quality and this is paramount for the experience of immersive viewing. Some TCL TV models come equipped with an integrated soundbar, like the TCL C6 TV. The subwoofer is also integrated into the soundbars of TVs, and this prominent audio feature has made TCL TVs famous.

Cons of Purchasing a TCL TV

Much to the surprise of readers and researchers alike, there don’t seem to be any disadvantages of the brand. Of course, stray incidents of TVs not performing optimally have been reported, but this is the case across all brands. Most consumers are happy with TCL TVs, reporting that they are durable and stylish. One thing that may be considered a disadvantage is the warranty period of a year. However, brands like Samsung and LG offer the same in terms of the warranty. Still, a probable disadvantage of the TCL TV could be the fact that the brand hasn’t produced a TV model which has exhibited itself as indisputable. This would be a TV as complete as possible (in features and specs) within its category. No product is absolutely complete, but some Samsung and Mi models come close. With TCL, this is probably because TVs are so competitive in their pricing, some corners have to be cut somewhere. Yet, the brand has managed to more than keep its head above water and offer great TVs to consumers.

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