41% Traffic Signals Are Dead in Punjab Cities – Survey

If you are travelling to the cities of Punjab like Muktsar, Moga or even Gurdaspur, do not expect too much, for the functional ATS that is automatic traffic signals. Recently reported, 41% of these traffic signals are on the “blinking state of operation”, in short, are not working.

When it comes to traffic lights, Punjab has been rated for the highest rate of non-working traffic lights in its cities causing huge traffic jams and unspeakable mess on roads. So, if you are travelling to Punjab for any reason, be prepared to be delayed.

The Recent Numbers From Punjab

In the times, where the traffic in Punjab is rising to throat choking numbers, the report of 41% non-working traffic signals is a very disappointing news. This report, gathered by Navdeep Asija, traffic adviser, Punjab contains the shocking numbers of 174 non-working traffic signals for over a year now, out of the total number of 424 signals in the state. If districts like Moga have 40 ATS, Muktsar has 37 signals and Gurdaspur has 1 ATS, then they all were found non-working during the verification by the district traffic police.

These 174 blinking signals, on the roads of Punjab, have become a concerning issue in various cities among all the natives as well as the crossing by folks and even travellers. This situation is continuously causing traffic jams and accidents on the roads of Punjab.

Response of District Traffic Police | Punjab

On asking the district traffic police in areas of Punjab about the scenario, most of the units claimed to have notified all the concerned civic bodies of this issue but, there was no action taken by them to improve the scenario.

In the state like Punjab that has huge population residing in all its districts, non-functional traffic lights can become a real pain for all the residents. Causing insecurity on roads, these traffic signals are becoming the reason for chaos in several districts on road for drivers. Surveys are conducted, notifications are popped, yet, the action is awaited.

Be safe on Road peeps, and drive carefully on the roads of Punjab!

Source =  Times of India

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