Punjab DSP Sexually Harasses a Woman in His Own Office, Booked

Punjab DSP has been slammed with “sexual harassment” charges for outraging the modesty of a woman by molesting her in his own office premises. The terrifying incident happened on April 4, 2017 i.e. last month when the woman was called in by the Punjab DSP who is a distant relative from the in-laws side of the lady.

On the pretext of conducting an inquiry on the complaint registered by the woman against her in-law’s family, DSP tried to harass her, which is indeed shocking.

About the Incident at Punjab

The seemingly shocking incident has stirred the entire Bathinda region of Punjab when the DSP of the area, Harinder Singh Mann had a misconduct behaviour with the woman. The shameless act seems worse as the incident occurred at the official working hours of his duty in Bathinda, Punjab. Mind you, DSP i.e. Deputy Superintendent of Police, is not a post that is taken lightly and is pretty respectable when it comes to the professional grounds of judgement. Playing lightly with his post and responsibilities and outraging her innocence and modesty, DSP has been finally booked post the incident now.

Why was the woman called in by DSP?

The woman had filed a complaint against her husband and his family on various grounds of torture borne by her which even resulted in her miscarriage. The DSP was known to be related distantly to her husband and his family who on the pretext of conducting an inquiry summoned the woman to his office on April 4,2017. The woman was questioned and pressurised by DSP to make a compromise and take her complaint back. Following which he even touched her cheeks, which was beyond her saturation level of tolerance.

Here’s what happened at DSP Office

  • DSP of Bathinda, Punjab summoned the woman for an inquiry regarding her complaint
  • Woman complains that she was pressurised by DSP, Harinder Singh to settle for a compromise
  • Her complaint also mentions DSPs shameless act of pulling her cheeks
  • Crossing her patience level which reached its peak, Woman climbs up till rooftop of the building
  • She protested at the rooftop demanding justice post the incident of harassment
  • Investigation being done by SSP, Naveen Singla who’s probing the matter
  • As per the initial findings, DSP booked under the charges of sexual harassment
  • DSP booked under sections 354, 354A which deals with assault of woman and making invalid remarks

The woman who is a computer teacher by profession has demanded justice in connection of as to how her modesty was taken for granted by the police official in his office post the registration of her complaint against her in-laws. Leading to serious allegations against DSP, who was now serving the special task force which checks trafficking of drugs and was previously posted in Bathinda, what one needs from society and administration, peace of mind and good governance.

Asking nothing more, the woman needs justice and by all fair means. Let us hope and pray she gets what meagre amount she deserves in the world full of materialism driven by “contacts that people exploit” to get their work done.

Source: TOI

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