90,000 Trucks in Punjab Stay off-Roads & Drivers are Protesting | Here’s Why

In a move to challenge the decision of Punjab Government to abolish the “truck unions” more than 90,000 trucks remained immobile in the state. The government wants to dissolve all the 134 active truck unions of the state under the newly approved  Punjab Goods and Carriage 2017 “Regulation of Prevention of Cartelisation Rules” that prohibits truckers from developing any unions or cartels in the state. The protest was headed by the All Punjab Truck Operator’s Union President, Happy Sandhu under whose guidance no goods were transported and no truck was taken to the road yesterday.

Reason Behind The Protest

Right now almost 134 truck unions are actively working in the state of Punjab which works for the benefits and rights of the truck operators who work tirelessly without any complain. The state government today wants all of the truck unions to disperse following the decision of Punjab Cabinet that recently approved the Punjab Goods Carriage 2017 Act. Under the latest Act, a rule has been formed called Prevention and Regulation Of Cartelisation Rules and it strictly prohibits formation of unions and cartels by the truck operators in the state of Punjab.

Punjab Goods Carriage 2017 Act

Truckers of Punjab are trying their best to make the state government take back its policy of abolishing cartelisation and truck unions peacefully right now. If the policy will be rolled out by Punjab Government it will cause changes in the system of goods carriage operation in the following ways:

  • Prohibiting from forming cartels will take away carriage operator’s independence in a big way
  • Small transport operators will suffer at large
  • Consignors freedom of choice will be dissolved
  • Engaging operators or permit holders in the services who are already a part of a union will be fully forbidden
  • Any operator or permit holder of goods transport will be allowed to pick up stock from any part of Punjab during the course of their business
  • And no operator or permit holder can stop the other one to do the above

Right now there are about 93,000 trucks under 134 truck unions out what 70% are engaged in food grain transportation and a single day of strike can cause a huge loss in the market. The truckers have already cautioned the Punjab government that they will intensify their strike further if they will not change their decision soon.

Source: IndianExpress


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