Tata’s New H5X SUV to Compete with Renault Captur & Hyundai Creta | Check Price & Features

Renault Captur and Hyundai Creta Top End Trims Are To Affected When The new Tata H5X SUV Launches

Renault Captur and Hyundai Creta are long rumoured to get a new rival in the form of the new Tata H5X SUV but it was all rumours and renders up until now. Today we got to see the car in full flesh at the Auto Expo in Noida and it was undoubtedly the hottest car unveiled at the show.

The Captur rival will try to eat into the sales of the Renault SUV and establish its dominance in the segment. The car that we saw today was in the concept stage and the production model could vary in terms of looks and equipment. The Tata H5X is rumoured to start at a price of 13 Lakh Rupees in India and will compete with the Jeep Compass. However, the top end trims of the Hyundai Creta and Renault will also be affected.

Tata H5X SUV Features

The Tata H5X SUV is developed with Land Rover and uses the latter’s LS550 platform. This is the same platform that is used in the Land Rover Discovery Sport. The Renault Captur competitor will get 5-Seater and 7-seater options, both of which will get the same set of engines. The 5-seater car will get the Fiat 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel tuned to produce 140BHP of power and the larger car will get the same engine producing 170BHP. Renault uses the 1.5-litre diesel in the Captur that produces 108.45 BHP in comparison.

The new SUV will sit between the Tata Nexon and the Tata Hexa and will be offered with 4-wheel drive option as well, thus taking the SUV appeal to the enthusiasts. The Hyundai Creta and Renault Captur are similar in dimensions and appeal but miss out on the all wheel or 4-wheel drive option.  Automatic gearboxes will be available with both petrol and diesel power trains.

Tata H5X SUV Will Be Priced At A Premium To Renault Captur

The Renault Captur is priced between 10-14 Lakh Rupees in India which is pretty similar to the Hyundai Creta.  Both these cars offer a premium 5-seater cabin compared to some other compact SUVs like the Duster, Nexon and even the Vitara Brezza. However, the Tata H5X SUV will be priced somewhere around the 13 Lakh Rupee mark undercutting the price of the Jeep Compass by a huge margin. This pricing will also make sure that the people going for the top end trims of the Renault Captur and Creta might come its way.


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