Royal Enfield All Set To Get A Modern Competitor in India | Mahindra Jawa Motrcycle

With modern and refined engines from the Mojo, Jawa motorcycles are real challengers that Royal Enfield bikes

Royal Enfield is one of the most popular bike manufacturers from India courtesy its retro sexy looks and a trademark thump sound. The bike has captured the 250-500cc market with a share of 90% and there is no stopping the bullet. However, Royal Enfield sells more for its nostalgic design elements dating back to the World War era and has not been able to impress the critics with its technology.

New manufacturers like UM motorcycles have tried to enter the cruiser segment but have miserably failed at the game of Royal Enfield. However, Mahindra is bringing back the Jawa brand in India and they too share a strong legacy with the Indian market. The latest piece of news that we bring to you today is that the Royal Enfield competitor Jawa Motorcycle will get the same engines that are found on the Mahindra Mojo.

Royal Enfield Competitor Equipped With Mojo Engines

While the Royal Enfield set of bikes get both 350 and 500cc engines, Mahindra will equip the Jawa bikes with the Mojo engines that offer a better and refined experience than the former. Mahinrdra Mojo comes with a 300cc liquid cooled engine that makes a peak power of 27.2Bhp and 30Nm of torque. This engine is more refined than the Royal Enfield bikes and may significantly improve on the NVH levels.

However, Cartoq believes that there is all possibility that Mahindra might decide to scale the engine up to 350cc to maintain the heritage aspect of the Jawa motorcycles. Another way to go will be scaling down the 300cc engine to 250cc and offer the Royal Enfield rival on competitive prices close to the Classic 350cc. This is feat that no one has been able to match with Royal Enfield motorcycles before and they remain to be the only strong name in the segment.

Mahindra Jawa Price in India and Launch Date

The latest Royal Enfield rival is gearing up for a launch later this year but we have a feeling that might not happen that soon. Also to keep things closer to the direct rival Classic 350, the Jawa Motorcycles price in India might be close to 2.4 Lakh rupees which is still expensive than the former.


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