Royal Enfield’s New Engine Turns Out To Be 650cc Instead of 750cc | Know New 650cc Royal Enfield Details

The Royal Enfield 750cc motorcycles were leaked in numerous times on the web and were also confirmed by the company CEO itself. However, today Royal Enfield showcased its new engine which turned out to be a 650cc unit. The Royal Enfield motorcycles that were leaked initially were based on the same 650cc engine as opposed to what we thought of as a 750cc engine.

The Royal Enfield 650cc engine is a parallel twin unit.

The Royal Enfield engine is a 650cc twin parallel unit that makes just about 47PS of power. The torque figures are pretty modest at 53Nm. These figures are not something very exceptional as compared to the other 650cc engines from Honda or KTM. The reason Royal Enfield says they clocked the 650cc engine like this is as the company wants to maintain the urban commuter reach of the Royal Enfield Motorcycles so they can easily be used as daily machines.

Royal Enfield motorcycles are regarded as one of the slowest when it comes to highway speeds and that issue is addressed with the new 650cc engine. The new 650cc engine can do great autobahn speeds as claimed by the company. There is a slipper clutch present too which puts the Royal Enfield straight into the category of feature-rich motorcycle manufacturers. The oversize alternator suggests that accessories launched at a later date will be supported too.

Royal Enfield 750cc officially replaced by 650cc engines.

Royal Enfield while showcasing the 650cc engine claimed that 750cc would have been a huge jump for the company and that would have put the two new bikes carrying this engine into direct competition with the likes of Harley Davidson street 750cc. The Royal Enfield 650cc will be a modest jump for customers who are currently in the 350-500 cc segments.

Launch and price of Royal Enfield 650cc motorcycles:

The Royal Enfield 650cc engine is supposed to make its debut at the Milan show on two different bikes. The global rollout will happen soon after that but we expect India to be on the list of very first countries. One of these Royal Enfield bikes is a beefed up Cafe Racer Continental GT and the other is a street style motorcycle that will rival the Harley Davidson Street 750cc. Expect the prices to be around 3-3.5 lakh Indian Rupees.


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