Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) Gets Critical BlueBorne Security Patch & Here’s What It Means

Samsung had recently rolled out the critical Blueborne security patches to multiple high-end devices like Galaxy S, Note and A series phones in the monthly update in the month of September. With the release of a similar firmware to the Galaxy J7 (2017) in October, it is now time that the Samsung Galaxy J5(2017) also gets these updates because of the repeated threats of security breaches.

Samsung has already rolled out firmware updates with the serial number of J530FXXU1AQI3 to the Galaxy J5 (2017) in selected regions of Europe via OTA, as reported by the Samsung blog GalaxyClub.

Why the update to the Samsung Galaxy J5(2017) needs to be taken seriously?

The said update is recommended by Samsung to be taken seriously for every Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) user. The reason being the BlueBorne malware. For those unaware, a new vulnerability, known as the BlueBorne malware has been detected which has the capability to take control of over 5.3 billion devices ranging from laptops, wireless speakers, car entertain systems to Android phones. The malware is also said to take control of select Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods which are running on iOS 9.4.3 or less out of the total 8.3 billion devices in the world.

It is believed that the BlueBorne malware can make the hackers eligible to highjack a device and steal sensitive data wirelessly through the connectivity option of Bluetooth. This is why, other than the Samsung Galaxy J5, many manufacturers have released a statement that they will soon release an OTA update dismissing the same. Recently, Motorola rolled out an update to their flagship mobile, Moto Z2 Force.

Samsung, which is famous for its motherly treatment to the various budget-oriented phones, has changed its stance by offering the security patched to middle-ranged mobile phones like Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017).

“Since the Galaxy J series has some of the bestseller products for Samsung in the Indian markets and considering the severity of the issue, the decision was taken to roll updates for the Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)”, said a company official. The step towards making the users feel secure from the various security threats that surface time-to-time helps Samsung build a positive rapport with the Samsung patrons

Though it will take time to roll out updates for every corner of the country, it is highly advisable to update your Samsung Galaxy J5 as soon as you get the notification.


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