Samsung Galaxy X Hints at World’s First Foldable Smartphone | Here’s All You Need to Know

The foldable smartphone by Samsung – the Samsung Galaxy X may be one of those things we can eagerly wait for in the year 2018. With a product which is one of its kind, Samsung has decided to launch Galaxy X for a limited time and quantity. Stating the case for the limited edition of the trendsetter mobile, DJ Koh, President of mobile communications business at Samsung said that this is a risky step for Samsung to introduce a new technology like foldable devices for the consumer-end handsets.

It is a major step forward for Samsung after it launched its Samsung Edge technology. While working on the project for years, Samsung is now ready to showcase its first completely flexible smartphone in 2018 with the new Samsung Galaxy X.

The technology needs to be tested first, before being rushed down to the shelves of every market. It’s also going to require some user education in the advantages and quirks of a device with a changeable form factor. Taking these factors into account and the upcoming sales of the Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung has decided the production of Samsung Galaxy X would be of the order of 100,000 with the target of their home country, South Korea.

Samsung is usually known to be usually ahead of the trend and set a path for others to follow. After the introduction of awesome technologies like bezel-less screens and quad-cameras, this is the next big thing coming for the consumers around the globe. Samsung continues to tease its fans as the unannounced Samsung Galaxy X handset has got certifications from Bluetooth SIG and South Korea’s National Radio Agency for the model number SM- G888N0, which signals that the official launch of the product will be very soon.

Big Competition ahead for Samsung Galaxy X

With no big surprise for a new technology getting competition, Samsung faces it too with the Galaxy X. ZTE, the China based-smartphone maker is expecting a launch of the world’s first foldable device before the end of the year 2017. The smartphone, named as ZTE Axon M, according to some sources will have a foldable display and quad-camera setup too. The 6.8 inches screen of the foldable device will boast a 1920×2160 resolution.


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