Samsung S9 Problems: Touch Screen Issues Haunt The Samsung Flagship

Samsung S9 Problems might bring back sour memories of the infamous Note 7 scenario

Samsung S9 duo has been making waves on the internet but this time for all the wrong reasons. The new Samsung flagship was launched with features that were unheard of in the smart phone market but the Korean manufacturer but we think the Korean manufacturer has been running out of luck off late.

People have been reporting Samsung S9 Problems on the internet and that has made us rethink if we should recommend the phone anymore or not. The issues mainly concern the touchscreen and are apparently too huge to be ignored.

Samsung S9 Touch screen Problem

Samsung S9 users have taken to the internet and have been reporting their horrific experiences with the re-imagined device.  Apparently the Samsung S9 problems are limited to the touchscreen or at least that’s what we hear.

Users have been reporting that their Samsung S9 units have an unresponsive area on the top which does not register the touch inputs. Similarly the Samsung S9 problems continue to the bottom end of the device as well which fails to respond on user’s command.

The issue has occurred on various parts of the device’s touchscreen for different users and might be limited to certain number of units. Samsung S9 buyers have reported these issues on websites like Reddit and XDA.

Samsung has acknowledged the touchscreen problem on the Galaxy s9 and has officially given out a statement that it is looking into the small number of complaints that they have as of now.

Samsung S9 Features and Specifications

Samsung S9 Problems have affected a small number of units and we hope the issues will be resolved pretty soon. It makes up for a near perfect device despite that though. It gets a 5.8-inch Quad HD AMOLED display and a Snapdragon 845 processor. However in countries like India it comes with a Exynos 9810 processor that is made by Samsung itself.

The 4GB of RAM is coupled to 64/128/256GB of storage and the battery is capped at 3000mAh. The Samsung S9 comes at 57,900 Rupees in India and the plus variant gets a price tag of 64,900 Rupees. Both the abovementioned prices are for the 64GB models.


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