Sandalwood Oil & Weight Loss | The Miraculous Unknown Benefits

If you are among the people who are constantly trying to lose weight and stay healthy, then it is the right piece of article for you to read. Along with the disciplined exercise routine and strict diet plan, many of the renowned fitness experts have claimed that there is one ingredient that many of us are unaware about that can help in pushing towards the goal of weight loss.

There is a research that has proved that inhaling sandalwood essential oil can aid you in achieving your weight loss goal. According to the studies sandalwood essential oil (santalum album) is derived from steam distillation of sandalwood. Along with the earthy aroma of the sandalwood, this is quite comforting and beneficial for one’s health.

Sandalwood Essential oil and its benefits

Most of you must be aware of the benefits of sandalwood essential oil on your skin and nervous system, but what we are unaware of is that this oil can actually help you in weight loss. This effect of the oil is because it is high in sesquiterpenes. Sesquiterpenes is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is quite beneficial for health and benefits. This simple chemical compound not only possesses the antiseptic properties but is also a fine anti-inflammatory compound. This chemical also has the ability to go beyond the brain barrier that is they can also increase the oxygen going to the brain.

Sandalwood oil aids weight loss

The sandalwood essential oil improves the stomach and intestine functions and aids in weight loss. It is very effective on the limbic system that concludes that it is helpful in controlling emotional eating and can even comfort the cravings and prevent gastric discomfort. This essential oil helps emotional eaters suppress their feelings leading them to negativity calming them down.

Sandalwood essential oil is quite beneficial when it comes to healthy living. This simple oil does not only help your brain but researchers has proved that it also aids weight loss. So, do not just go with our word, but give it a shot and you might find out whether it is true or not.


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