Sanjay S Gowda’s Passion for Creating a Robust Educational System Turned Him Into a One-of-a-Kind Educationist in India

The enormous efforts Sanjay S Gowda has put into the industry came from his mother’s sacrifices and the many challenges he faced in his journey.

To have the vision to attain a particular goal in life is one thing, but to choose to walk on unconventional roads, make tough choices and resiliently move ahead on one’s journey to turn those incredible visions into a reality is a different thing altogether. To belong to the latter category, some have had to put in incessant efforts with an undying passion for their work without losing hope. This is definitely easier said than done, but astute professionals like Sanjay S Gowda serve as unique examples of such individuals who believed in their dreams to turn the dreams of others into reality through their work.

This passionate man, Sanjay S Gowda, has been taking over the education sector in India and how. He has worked around his phenomenal ideas and visions all throughout his journey, and that is how he has today become an influential personality, and an educationist looked upon by others across the country as the Chairman of Vardhaman Public School, Sira. The Sira-born talent from the Tumkur district had a journey that was filled with too many challenges right from his growing-up years. While attaining his Bachelor’s degree, he lost his father, and this led to his mother taking all the responsibilities on her shoulders and making sure her son completed his Master’s in Business Administration. However, he lost even her while she battled with Stage 4 Metastasis Endometrial Cancer in 2017.

Sanjay S Gowda began his career in 2012 with the aim of making it huge in the corporate world, but after the many downs in his life, including losing his parents, he decided to follow the teachings of his mother and do something in the education sector. This later led him to attend several school annual day functions as a Chief Guest and ultimately started Vardhaman Public School in his hometown Sira in the pre-school segment. He even conducted a Parents Orientation Programme, which saw more than 1000+ parents attending from across different schools. Sanjay S Gowda also attended the webinar about Parents’ Children Education in Chandigarh in 2019.

This year, this passionate soul has begun writing articles discussing the merits and demerits of online classes and how to become the best parents in top Kannada magazines. His way of expressing his ideas and thoughts in Sanjevani newspaper daily in the Education corner column and in his own editorial magazine called The Best Parents has also been lauded by many.

Sanjay S Gowda has been doing every bit to push forward growth in the education industry, like participating in many TV panel discussions to create much awareness about education among parents, making him a highly revered educationist across the country.


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