Meet Sapna Choudhary, a Superstar From Haryana Who Entered Big Boss 11 House

Big Boss 2017 is all set to entertain the audiences with the entry of its new contestant, Haryanvi superstar Sapna Choudhary in the house. The new contestant is a Rohtak born dancer turned singer is prominently famous in northern parts of India along with UP and Madhya Pradesh. Sapna Choudhary performs at weddings and private shows and reportedly charges a couple of lakhs for an hour-long performance. The show that has always made money from controversial contestants in the Big Boss house was in talks to have Sapna Choudhary in the show’s 10th iteration as well. But somehow things did not work the last time and the shoemakers were keen to have her on the show in the 11th season in 2017.

Controversies will continue to be a part of Sapna Choudhary inside Big Boss house in season 11 as well:

In the year of 2016, Sapna Choudhary attempted to commit suicide by drinking rat poison but failed. When Salman Khan the host of the Big Boss season 11 asked her about the incident Sapna Choudhary confessed that it was a dark period in her life and she is glad that somehow by God’ intervention her life was saved. She left a six-page suicide note behind that stated Satpal Tanwar had launched a FIR against her for hurting the sentiments of his caste in the song ‘Ragini’. He also launched an online campaign to harass the Big Boss contestant Sapna Choudhary online and then went on to make undignified remarks on her character.

Sapna Choudhary Strategy for Big Boss 11:

Sapna Choudhary in an interview before entering the Big Boss house in season 11 touted her favourite contestant to be Manveer from Big Boss season 10. Sapna Choudhary said she would be herself and won’t try to change to fit in with the other members inside the Big Boss 11 house. She further added that she sleeps on the floor normally and will continue to do so inside the Big Boss house with other participants of season 11 as well. Sapna Choudhary believes a tad number of 14-15 contestants can’t threaten her instead they are the ones who should really be worried to face her as a competition in the 11th season of the controversial show Big Boss.


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