Shael’s New Song of 2017 “Meri Jaaan” Will Restore Your Faith in “True Love” Once Again

Shael Oswal’s latest track “Meri Jaaan” in the year 2017 is carving a niche for itself for simply being too awesome to ignore. A must watch song, with beautiful video and simple lyrics will restore your faith in “True Love” once again in our present world full of materialism. “Meri Jaaan” with its old archaic approach towards finding true love” simply nails it for being so relatable that you tune into the track once and put it on ‘repeat mode’ to never get bored of listening to it.

Shael’s “Meri Jaaan” – Simplicity Rules

Shael has once again proven that “Nothing beats Simplicity.” It is surprising to note that a simple track “Meri Jaaan” in 2017 makes you feel that you are in 1980’s era where love stories were not as complicated as they are in 2017. Where it either meant “Yes or No”, there’s no in between. Where it was either “Black or White”, Grey was not known to exist !! Simple lyrics, in-depth meaning, beautiful video, amazing choreography and “trueness” that prevails leaves an impression on the listener’s mind that won’t fade away any sooner.

Shael’s latest 2017 track “Meri Jaaan” – Music Video

The music video of Meri Jann kick starts off with a BANG! The couple featured onscreen are Male lead the singer himself “Shael Oswal” cast opposite to the renowned TV Serial actress “Shraddha Arya.” The duo bump into one another, things fall on the ground, eyes meet and here’s what happens that change their lives “Love at first Sight.”  The entire video themed at love at first sight that goes on for atleast four years with some casual meets that happen and still do not, go watch the video to experience the beauty of love portrayed by the duo.

Here’s a link to the video, watch it to experience bliss as to what genuineness means in real life.

Shael’s “Meri Jaaan” 2017 latest track- Details

After a long time in the Indian music industry, a song has been released which “takes you back to the era of – Romance.” Yes, that’s true and unbelievable in present times as Shael’s “Meri Jaaan” takes you back in time in 5 minutes and 47 seconds of its music video. Here’s who all worked towards this amazing concept.

Music by: Vidyut Goswami

Video by: Amarjeet/Sawant

Lyrics by: Ravi Basnet

Singer: Shael Oswal

Producer: Razaq Baloch

Released on: April 25, 2017

Remember the times when dried roses used to fall from the pages of the books over copied SMS’es that are forwarded now? Remember the times when coffee dates meant, sitting on stairways on a cold windy day sipping coffees from paper cups that “canteen wala bhaiiya” served in, to now lavish “cappuccino-latte” relationship in a lounge. Remember when the status update meant, that one call from yellow PCO booth at a fixed time of the day over a Whatsapp text and a Snapchat Story that follows the “Check-in” at an overrated cafe?

Re-live those times if you remember with the latest track of Shael Oswal in the year 2017 – presenting before “Meri Jaan.”

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