Shimla Gets it’s First Rope Way | Ridge to Jakhu in 5 Mins (Know Ticket Price & Details)

Shimla got its first ropeway after the Chief Minister of Himachal Virbhadra Singh inaugurated the project. After a long wait of 10 years, the ropeway project of Shimla has been started for the tourists in the city. The ropeway will now reduce the distance of 8 Km to reach the Jakhoo temple in Shimla from the ridge in just 5 minutes.

The project had been initiated in 2007 but due to some legal issues, it took a long time for the completion. But whatever it is, after a long wait people can now enjoy the ride of the very first ropeway in Shimla from the ridge to the Jakhoo Hanuman Temple.

Here’s All About Shimla Ropeway

Tourists of Shimla can now get to enjoy the ropeway ride at 8,054 feet above the sea level. All the cabins of the gondola lifts have been imported from Switzerland worth Rs. 15 lakh. The project will be a public-private partnership between the company and the government for 30 years.

  • It will take just 5 minutes to reach to Jakhoo Hanuman Temple from the ridge.
  • One has to spend Rs. 550 per person for a two- way journey.
  • For children, the cost will be of Rs. 450 for a round trip.
  • The ropeway will take approx 6 persons in one ride.
  • Jagson International Ltd is a private firm that will run the ropeway in Shimla.
  • The private company of the Shimla ropeway will have of pay a dividend of Rs. 57 lakh to the state government for the first year.
  • Thereafter, 15% of the total revenue has to be given to the State Government on the yearly basis.

A total of Rs 40 crore has been spent for the completion of the ropeway project in Shimla. On the very first day, very few people took the ride on the Shimla ropeway, rest the company ran the empty gondola lift up and down to attract the tourists.

Price of Ropeway in Shimla

In the initial stage, the price of the tickets for Shimla Jakhu ropeway has been fixed very high for just 5 minutes ride in Shimla. Slowly and steadily this price will be fixed to the minimum amount for the tourists.

  • For a two-way trip for a single person, one has to spend Rs. 550.
  • Whereas, the cost for round trip of a child will be of Rs. 450.
  • And the one-way ride of an adult will cost around Rs. 300.
  • Whereas the one way trip of a child will cost of Rs. 250.

If a family of 4 people wants to enjoy the ropeway ride in Shimla, then they have to spend an amount of Rs. 2150 for just 5 minutes. Whereas a taxi charges only Rs. 20 per head to cover the same distance via road.

And the scenario changes

As per the present scenario, people who are willing to see the Jakhoo temple in Shimla have to either trek on the steep hills for about 40 minutes or take a road route of 8 Km stretch from Cart road and Sanjauli that usually witness traffic jams.

And now with coming up of the ropeway in Shimla, the time of the same between the ridge and the Jakhoo temple will be reduced to just 5 minutes, as the ropeway will take only 5 minutes to reach the temple. And it will also reduce the traffic on the road routes.

So next time if you plan for a Shimla trip then do not forget to enjoy the first ropeway ride in the beautiful hill station.

Image Source = Joginder Nagar


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