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Slots tournaments aren’t an innovation in the industry as the leading online casinos have regularly organised them. But if you’re thinking about a room filled with slot machines and rivals furiously taking on each other, then you are not thinking modern enough. When the phrase “slots tournament” comes, it’s more about a comfortable home environment and a PC or mobile screen flickering with the spinning reels – try your luck on Clover Rollover 2 Progressive slot.

Anyone can take part in these fun-filled events today. All they need is stable access to the Internet, an online casino and lots of luck. However, they might seem pretty straight forward, but there is a lot more going on with the online slots tournaments. Wanna know more? Let’s start with the types of slots tournaments.

Types of Online Casino Tournaments

Following are the two major types of slots tournaments:

  • Scheduled Tournaments: As the name suggests, the Schedule tournaments are the ones that run for a specific schedule. These events are held for a fixed period and might even last only five minutes or keep ongoing for five months, depending on the schedule predefined by the online casinos. Players looking to take part will have to sign up before an event kicks off.
  • Sit and Go: These tournaments run without a predefined schedule and can go on for months. Players are allowed to be a part as long as an event keeps ongoing. The ending of these tournaments is usually dependent on the number of players or the total bets made during the event.

How do Slot Tournaments Work?

Slot tournaments work the same as other sports competitions. You go in to compete against other players on a specific slot for a fixed period of time with a certain amount of slots credits.

The results are announced at the end of the event. The winner for these tournaments is usually the one with the most accumulated wins. However, a few tournaments are also held where players included in the TOP-5 or TOP-10 share a predefined prize pool. The prize pool differs from the platform. It usually ranges between $2,000 and $50,000 depending on the slot site you chose to play on.

The Autoplay and Quickspin functions are often disabled for these events to fully engage with the games.

How to Participate in a Slots Tournament?

If you enjoy challenging yourself in a highly competitive environment, you should be a part of a slot tournament.

You can quickly become a participant by simply signing up for an account on a slots site, visiting the promotions page, selecting the tournament, booking your seat, and waiting for the event to get started.

Make sure you have enough funds available in your casino account before the tournament starts. Now put your bets to the maximum and spin as fast as you can, and keep on doing so until the end of the tournament.

It usually takes only a few minutes to determine a winner. Therefore, it is in your best interest to play as long and as often as possible to be among the top players on the leaderboard.


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